2008 Polk County - Arlette Hollister

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2008 Polk County - Arlette Hollister


2008 Polk  County - Arlette HollisterFor more than 20 years Arlette has been an invaluable volunteer to Polk County’s 4-H program, serving as a 4-H and Clover Kids club leader, sewing workshop coordinator, and BBQ Committee Chair (sole annual fundraising event serving 900 people).  The BBQ is held during the Polk County Fair and gives back to 4-Hers through scholarships and other awards. Perhaps her success with the BBQ can be attributed to her position as the current Iowa State Fair Food Superintendent.

In addition, Arlette has led many County-wide sewing workshops, assists with Conference Judging at the Polk County Fair and is a proud 4-H Parent and 4-H Grandparent.

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