2007 Adams County - Rick and Jolene Bissell

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2007 Adams County - Rick and Jolene Bissell


Rick & Jolene BissnellRick and Jolene Bissell have supported 4-H in Adams County in many ways over the last 23 years. First, they raised four children through 9 or more years of 4-H during that time. As they were raising their family, they also both gave of their talents as Adams County 4-H volunteers.

Jolene or “Jo” served as a 4-H club leader or co-leader for 23 years. She is leader for the Happy Go Lucky club at present. She also served 3 years on the Adams County Youth and 4-H committee and has helped with countless youth daycamps, 4-H activities, and other 4-H leadership assignments.

Rick served on the Adams County 4-H swine committee for 15 years. He was swine superintendent or co-superintendent for the Adams County Youth and 4-H/FFA Fair for 13 years and Adams County Youth and a 4-H/FFA Fair committee member for 6 years. Rick helped develop the current Adams County Fair swine and swine carcass show rules. Year after year Rick has also volunteered his time and skills with fairground property improvements, loaned his pickup and trailer for hauling fair livestock and fair equipment, and been depended on for picking up and helping set up the Nodaway Corn Carnival tent at the Adams County Fair.

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