2007 Humboldt County - Harold & Janice Nostrom

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2007 Humboldt County - Harold & Janice Nostrom


Harold and Janice NostromHarold and Janice have been strong supporters of 4-H for many years in Humboldt County.  All of Harold and Janice’s 4 children were involved in
4-H in Corinth Township and 8 of 9 of their grandchildren have been involved in 4-H.   

Janice’s mother was a 4-H member and adult volunteer for over 25 years for Humboldt County.  Janice grew up as a 4-H member in Beaver Township of Humboldt County.  Janice volunteers at the Humboldt County Fair, does baking demonstrations for clubs, and enters baking contests with her daughter at other fairs.  Harold and Janice’s family donated a large 4-H flag in memory of Janice’s mother to the Humboldt County 4-H Program to use at meetings, events, and fairs.  

Both Harold and Janice are active volunteers at their church and within the community.  They are avid promoters of 4-H to anyone they meet.

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