2007 Kossuth County - Merwyn Hurlburt

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2007 Kossuth County - Merwyn Hurlburt


Merwyn HurlburtMert Hurlburt became involved with 4-H in 1988 again after his kids were long out of 4-H.  At that time he joined the Kossuth County Fair Board where he remained an active member for 15 years.  He continues to be active in the youth program after his board tenure.  During that time many projects were completed to promote youth development and 4-H clubs.  There were building improvement projects, general upkeep of livestock buildings, and new horse stalls created while he was on the board.  

Mert began the open and 4-H Bucket Calf Program for the Kossuth County Fair in 1993.  In 2004 he helped expand the program to include Bottle Lamb classes.  These programs allow many more youth to be a part of the livestock projects at the fair and promote family involvement with parents and grandparents helping give the exhibitors a valuable experience.

Mert was always busy, he had to be, he had six children of his own who were active 4-H members.  He is very involved in his community and school district too.  He has organized everything from Street dance, rodeo to ball tournaments for their small town.

The Kossuth County Fair is 100% behind all 4-H members in their learning and growth and Mert will be there to help in any way possible.  Mert was awarded the Honorary 4-H member in Kossuth County is 2002.  No 4-H child is left behind.

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