2007 Ringgold County - Merritt & Lorene Triggs

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2007 Ringgold County - Merritt & Lorene Triggs


Merritt & Lorene TriggsMerritt & Lorene Triggs have been lifetime supporters of 4-H in Ringgold County.  

Merritt was an 11 year member of 4H in Ringgold County.  His passion while in 4-H was the swine and horse project area.  He exhibited Spotted and Poland hogs, draft horses, decorated and drove multiple hitch.  After his years of “learning by doing” he gave back as a 4-H volunteer.  He held several different roles as a volunteer—sheep superintendent, swine superintendent, and Fair Board Secretary/Treasurer. Merritt also served on the Iowa State Fair Board for 22 years.  

Both Merritt and Lorene believe that the 4-H program and fair experiences allowed youth to be the best that they could be.  They always had words of encouragement, recognized achievement--both big and small--and went out of their way to build relationship with youth.  To this day they continue to be in touch with many county and state level exhibitors.


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