2007 Wright County - Phyllis Stoakes

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2007 Wright County - Phyllis Stoakes


Phyllis StoakesBecause of her experiences in 4-H Phyllis realized how important her 4-H leaders were to her by giving time and talent and how that had benefited her as a person.  She wanted and did give back to 4-H what it had given her.  She constantly reminded youth and others about the opportunities of meeting “wonderful people” and having “great experiences” through 4-H.  She credited 4-H for the development of communication, leadership, volunteerism and other life skills.  As a 4-H leader she then enjoyed watching her club members develop and progress in the same ways.  

Phyllis Stoakes served as a Wright County 4-H leader for 20 years with the Liberty Pathfinders club.  She, along with her children had a total of 44 years of 4-H involvement.  She was presented with the Honorary 4-H Alumni Award buy Wright County in 1992.  Phyllis enjoyed being a part of the Regional 4-H Forum and served as a presenter and on the planning committee. She was a 4-H $400 donor.  One of her 4-H families was featured in a documentary on 4-H by Iowa Public Television and aired during the 1996 State Fair coverage.     

Phyllis passed away at age 59 after a 2 year courageous battle with leukemia.


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