2006 Harrison County - Robert

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2006 Harrison County - Robert "Bob" Brock


Robert "Bob" BrockRobert “Bob” Brock started the Dunlap Knight Riders 4-H Club in 1964 and was the leader for 29 years.  He helped at the Harrison County Fair and was a member of the 4-County Fair Board.  Bob was a life-long member of the Methodist Church.  Bob farmed all his life and wanted to make sure the youth of the community knew about livestock and farming.  

After Bob retired from active 4-H leadership, his son, Gary, took over the club leadership and continues the Brock family 4-H tradition.  Harrison County 4-H is now on its third generation of Brock’s with Gary and Vivian’s children as proud members of the Dunlap Knight Riders.  Bob Brock firmly believed in the four H’s and the 3 F’s---family, farming and Four-H.




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