2005 Greene County - Roger & Robert Clause

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2005 Greene County - Roger & Robert Clause


2005 Greene County - Roger & Robert ClauseThe Clause Brothers are very well known as strong 4-H families.  Besides being active members themselves and supporting their family member in 4-H activities, they served as 4-H club leaders, county livestock judging leaders, livestock superintendents for the Greene county fair.

An interesting tidbit of history arose when 4-H celebrated our 100 years, as they served on a committee for local celebration activities.  As the 4-H alumni reminisced about their 4-H years, we learned that the term “….and our world” in the 4-H pledge was suggested by these Greene County 4-Hers and their friends. The Clause’s were involved in the state 4-H organization back in the 1940’s. While the official language didn’t change for many more years to come, it is a testament to their foresight of 4-H and seeing a global perspective that we take for granted today.

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