2022 Buchanan County William & Georgia West

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2022 Buchanan County William & Georgia West


William and Georgia West were exceptional examples of what it means to have “lived a life of service.”

With nearly forty years combined as 4-H leaders, they were committed to enriching the lives of countless youth, 4-H volunteers, and community members.

After marriage in 1951, they raised four children on a dairy and beef farm near Rowley, Iowa while continuing to volunteer and dedicating their time to Buchanan County 4-H. William began the Homer Broncos 4-H Club in 1957, and Georgia started the Homerettes 4-H Club for girls in 1964.

This couple was undoubtedly the first to offer a helping hand and extend a friendly welcome to all 4-H youth in the county. They are remembered for providing guidance, wisdom, and a truly welcoming environment.

In 1972, they opened their home to a 4-H exchange student serving as an international host family.

Today, their legacy is remembered and honored through the William and Georgia West Memorial Leadership Award given to an outstanding 4-H youth who exemplifies those same eminent qualities that these leaders portrayed.

The Buchanan County 4-H program will remember the graciousness and goodwill of the Wests, who deeply understood the meaning of serving their community, their country, and their world by instilling the virtues of the 4-H program.

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