2005 Ida County - Cornelius

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2005 Ida County - Cornelius "Red" Conover


2005 Ida County - Cornelius "Red" ConoverRed was a key part of the Ida County 4-H program for many years.  He joined 4-H when he was 10 years old in 1931.  He was a member until he was 21.  He was a leader of the Battle Badgers 4-H club for 28 years.  He served on the Ida County 4-H Committee and was chairman for 6 years, also the chairman of the  Ida County Extension Council for 6 years as well as a member of the Fair Board for many years.    He implemented the showmanship contest at the Ida County Fair.  The fair and the grounds were important to Red and he spent time welding gates and fences in the show ring and we received complements from the judges on having such a serviceable show ring.  

As well as being active in the 4-H program Red was also instrumental in organizing the Western Iowa Progress Show that still continues currently.  He also helped in the organization our county Pork Producers and Cattlemen organizations. 

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