2021 Emmet County Gary Myers

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2021 Emmet County Gary Myers


Gary has been serving Emmet County 4-H’ers for the past 12 years as one of the club leaders of Center Champions. You can always count on Gary to lend a helping hand any time of year. His passion for the Emmet County 4-H Program is very strong. Gary has been a very great role model for 4-H’ers in Emmet County.

He is willing to help with welding and woodworking projects for summer camps including bird houses and other outdoor projects. During the 2021 summer camp workshop, he is helping the 4-H members make yard dice and welding together yard art.

He will spend his free time helping individual 4-H members complete a 4-H static project and take it to the fair. After talking with 4-H members that have personally worked one-on-one with Gary, they say they can see the passion he has with helping 4-H members and the 4-H programs.

Gary has contributed to the community in more ways than one, as he is now a member of the Emmet County Fair Board. He is always willing to offer a hand in volunteering with whatever project is thrown at him. We are very blessed to have him as a volunteer in the Emmet County 4-H and Youth Program.

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