2019 Mahaska County: Gary Verploegh

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2019 Mahaska County: Gary Verploegh


Gary Verploegh has been involved with Mahaska County  4-H for multiple years, wearing many different hats.  He served the county as a 4-H parent, superintendent, Extension Council member, and continues to assist with various 4-H and Extension activities.

Gary served on the Southern Iowa Fair Board and was active in planning and implementing a variety of events and opportunities for youth and families.  He was the Meat Goat Superintendent when we began using the retinal imaging machines and jumped right in to be trained and continues to assist with sheep and goat retinal imaging today. 

Currently Gary has switched over to his “Grandpa” hat and enjoys supporting his grandchildren as they participate in 4-H Day Camps and countywide activities. 

Recently, Gary and his wife, Karen, started a Mahaska County Senior 4-H Scholarship fund providing a scholarship to a graduating active senior 4-H member from Mahaska County.

Gary enjoys seeing all of the ways youth can be involved with 4-H and is happy to assist with the many things offered throughout the year. 

08/19/2019 1:26 PM
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