2004 Cerro Gordo County - Carolyn Coe

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2004 Cerro Gordo County - Carolyn Coe


2004 Cerro Gordo County - Carolyn CoeCarolyn Coe started her 4-H career in both a boys and girls club in Thornton, Iowa.  She had to be in both so she could exhibit sheep and beef at the fair, along with her home economic projects.  

Carolyn is finishing up her 29th year as a 4-H leader for the Ventura Hustlers 4-H club in Ventura, Iowa.  She served six years on the Youth Committee, has served on the Extension Council, 4-H building superintendent for many years, and show clerk for the sheep show for 20+ years.  Other activities she has been routinely involved in: beef weigh-in, herdsmanship judge, record book review, manager of the 4-H foodstand, and has attended several leadership conferences.  

Carolyn’s most recent adventure is doing some county fair judging in Floyd and Franklin counties.  When it comes to 4-H, she has pretty much done a little of everything.  In her words, you just do what you have to do!!

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