2017 Webster County: Dave Anderson

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2017 Webster County: Dave Anderson


Webster County is excited to induct Dave Anderson to the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame. Dave has been a 4-H volunteer for 12 years as an archery discipline leader. Dave’s mother was a 4-H leader and he was involved in 4-H for several years himself. His leadership skills and passion for archery led him to start an archery discipline program in Webster County.

Dave is a level three-archery coach and continues his dedication to the program by attending national 3D archery tournaments and several trainings to expand his coaching techniques. Dave enjoys seeing youth pick up a bow for the first time and seeing them progress over time.

He is extremely patient and loves to share his knowledge with youth. Dave provides additional opportunities to the archery members by taking them to various competitions. Several 4-H members who have had the opportunity to learn from Dave mentioned how he is “an outstanding leader, wonderful teacher, and brings back great ideas from his trainings.”

Webster County is honored to have Dave in our 4-H family. Congratulations, Dave!

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