2004 Tama County - Pauline Flamme

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2004 Tama County - Pauline Flamme


2004 Tama County - Pauline FlammePauline Flamme started her years in 4-H in the Gladbrook Loyal Lassies in 1946.  She helped organize this club and was its first president.  This experience started her toward a career in Home Economics at then Iowa State College where she majored in Home Economics Education and Textiles & Clothing.  

After teaching Home Economics at the high school level, Pauline married and returned to her home community of Gladbrook.  She raised five children that were active in 4-H at the local, county, state, and national levels.

Twenty five years ago, Pauline became the leader of the Gladbrook Gals 4H club, now called Gladbrook Gals and Guys.  Today under Pauline’s leadership and the support of many parents the club has a membership of 47 boys and girls. The club has participated in many community service activities throughout the years including, picking up trash along a 3 mile stretch of highway, cleaning up trash after local sporting events, planting flowers on Main Street and donating funds to different organizations in the community.  These 4-H members are exposed to local one day trips or 2-3 day trips to Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, etc.  These trips are organized with educational experiences as well as fun activities.  The club makes an annual ski trip to either Sundown or Afton Alps in Minnesota.  

Pauline has been a fair judge at the county and state levels for the last 4 years.  Pauline directs the County Fashion Revue helping the previous year's winners plan, organize and narrate the show.  

Pauline's primary goal is –“Give them many experiences and they will apply them to their life and make a better world for themselves."

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