2017 Fayette County: Patti Dillon

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2017 Fayette County: Patti Dillon


The 2017 Fayette County 4H Hall of Fame recipient is Patti Dillon, of Volga City, Iowa. Ever a pioneer, Patti moved to Ames from the east coast in 1962 to attend Iowa State University.  She obtained a master’s degree in Home Economics and subsequently taught at Union Witten School district.  In 1974, Patti was named the Extension Home Economist for Fayette County.

Patti was active in education of the county and surrounding communities, pioneering new engagement methods, leading and coordinating untold number of extension programs. Patti was a main stay and instrumental in conducting the Fayette County Fair for the majority of her extension career. In later years, Patti served as area specialist for Iowa State University and Extension.  

Patti and her husband, Jack, have ten grandchildren and they continue to farm near Volga City. Patti enjoys traveling to Ireland every chance she gets, and continues to volunteer her time with local community groups and historical preservation. 

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