2017 Clayton County: Judy & Gary Burrack

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2017 Clayton County: Judy & Gary Burrack


4-H has been an important part of the Burrack family for four generations. Gary and Judy Burrack’s parents served as 4-H leaders in Clayton and Fayette counties.  Gary was a member of the Giard Future Farmers in Clayton County.  Judy was a member of Fairfield Indians and Putnam Peppy Pals in Fayette County back in the “older days” when a girl had to belong to both a girls and boys 4-H club to show livestock. 

Following their marriage, the 4-H tradition continued as Gary served as a leader of the Giard Future Farmers and Judy as a leader of the Cheery Chums. Their daughters, Suzanne Shirbroun and Nancy Von Feldt, have followed in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents by serving as leaders of their children’s clubs.  Suzanne is a leader of the St. Olaf Jr. Farmers in Clayton County and Nancy is a leader of the Madison County Ohio Future Feeders. 

Because of the leadership skills they gained through 4-H, Gary and Judy have had the confidence to serve on numerous local and state organizations and boards. They know the future of agriculture relies on the education of our young people and what better way to gain that knowledge than through the 4-H program. That is why the Burracks are avid supporters of the Iowa 4-H Foundation. 

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