2004 Winnebago County - LaVurne and Sharon Josten

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2004 Winnebago County - LaVurne and Sharon Josten


2004 Winnebago County - LaVurne and Sharon Josten LaVurne and Sharon Josten have a great love of 4-H and believe strongly in how it contributes to the growth of young people. The Josten’s were club leaders for 10 years and during that time the club grew from 6 members to 28. LaVurne and Sharon are excellent role models who lead with enthusiasm and encouragement and as a result member participation and youth leadership thrived. 

LaVurne served on the Winnebago County Fairboard for 10 years and was chair for 3 of those years. Sharon served 6 years on the Winnebago County Extension Council and chaired the 4-H County Centennial activities. 

LaVurne and Sharon continue their dedication to the program by volunteering at the county Fair and other activities.

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