2016 Kossuth County Lisa Zeller

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2016 Kossuth County Lisa Zeller


Lisa Zeller has been a part of 4-H her whole life.  She grew up being a 4-H member which led to her children being involved in 4-H.  Lisa was the Riverdale Rustlers 4-H leader for 14 years. She was also involved in E-PAK, Educational Partners- Agriculture and Kids, a regional program for 4th graders to learn more about agriculture; Farm Safety, a county program for 3rd graders to learn about how to be safe on and off the farm; and was on the Kossuth County Extension Council for 4 years. 

As a 4-H leader, she gave the 4-H members many hands on experiences by traveling with the kids to places around Iowa to learn unique skills.  The 4-H members created many projects such as pottery, metal art, stained glass, woodworking, quilting, and many others.  Lisa also challenged the 4-H group to create a project and donate it to help out individuals in need.  These actions have allowed the 4-H members to see that giving to others is very important as it benefits both the recipient, as well as the person giving. 

Overall, Lisa allowed her creativity and giving spirit to challenge and allow all the 4-H members to grow into well rounded individuals.

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