2003 Monona County - Betty Jane Gorham

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2003 Monona County - Betty Jane Gorham


2003 Monona County - Betty Jane GorhamBetty Jane became a Jordan Sunshine 4-H Club member at the age of ten with cooking, sewing and quilting projects.  The Jordan Sunshine Club was started in 1923.  She served as a club leader for that same club for over 25 years with her daughter and granddaughter also as members through the years.  Betty Jane also served on the County 4-H Committee and was active in the county helping with the 4-H communications program.  Betty Jane is Mother and Grandmother of three County 4-H Presidents and Mother and Grandmother of state fair award winners.  The Gorham family served as host family for IFYE youth from Finland and Switzerland and their daughter was an IFYE youth to Costa Rica.  Betty Jane has been a valuable worker in the Soldier community and in Monona County contributing to many causes and organizations.

As a 4-H club leader, Betty Jane had a direct influence on some in the life-long choices they made.  Cheri Hardison, Monona County Extension Education Director, says Betty Jane taught her so much and encouraged her to do things she would have never done.  Betty Jane’s 4-H influence resulted in Cheri seeking a textiles and clothing degree and a career in Extension.  Betty Jane’s daughter, Elizabeth, was also thankful for all the encouragement and instruction she received from her mother.  She has used the skills she gained from her 4-H experiences with her mother throughout her life and was influenced positively in her earlier career as county Extension agent and Assistant Sate 4-H Leader for 25 years in Utah.  Liz continues to support 4-H activities involving financial literacy as Extension Family Resource Management specialist at South Dakota State University.  

Betty Jane has a joyful and caring personality that reaches out to all she meets.  Monona County is proud to induct Betty Jane Gorham into the Iowa
4-H Hall of Fame.


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