2003 State Recognition - Glen Thompson

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2003 State Recognition - Glen Thompson


2003 State Recognition - Glen ThompsonIn 1964, Glen Thompson became the first 4-H specialist in recreation for Extension at Iowa State University.  Glen served as the state recreation specialist until 1985, when he took over as director of the 4-H Camping Center near Madrid.  As director of the camp, he continued his influence on the thousands of youth that participated in the camp experience.

Glen spent over twenty years using recreation as a way to develop young people.  While engaging both youth and adults in fun and games, Glen wove in learning experiences that had a positive impact on their development.  

The Glen Thompson Recreation Area at the 4-H Camping Center is “dedicated to a man whose ethical standards and belief in his fellow creatures (human and otherwise) were ideals for all with whom he worked.”


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