2003 Washington County - Gary Murphy

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2003 Washington County - Gary Murphy


Gary MurphyGary Murphy served as an educator for 34 years: 7 years as a teacher and 27 years as an elementary school principal. He loves having fun with children. He helped plan annual reading reward days that included a petting zoo, a tent circus in the gymnasium, beach day, and carnivals. He currently does clowning as “Bandana” the clown.

Gary and his wife Karen live on an acreage and have exotic animals. Gary enjoys hosting many visitors and giving tours to day care and school groups.

His extension activities include 15 years as 4-H leader, chair of the 4-H and Youth Committee, founding the Go-Getters 4-H Club, and Co-chair for the county extension referendum.  He received the “Friend of Extension” state award in 1988.

Gary participated in the International 4-H Youth Exchange program in 1964 to New Zealand.  He has enjoyed hosting IFYE exchange students as well as other exchange students and international visitors.


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