2002 Sac County - Myra Steinkamp

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2002 Sac County - Myra Steinkamp


2002 Sac County - Myra SteinkampMyra Steinkamp has been dedicated to 4-H for many years.  She and her husband, Orlin, were club leaders for 18 years.  They started the Wall Lake Bandits in Sac County and today it is still a strong and healthy club.

Myra helped organize many citizenship projects for the club, such as putting new carpet in the local community building.  For a couple of years, the club went to the Iowa State Fair to perform their Share the Fun act.

After Myra and her husband retired as 4-H leaders, she continued to support the program in many ways.  Myra still assists the Wall Lake Bandits 4-H Club with their Achievement Day judging, judges record books, is a member of the 4-H Committee, and is a Fair Superintendent.  In 1998, Myra received the Sac County Alumni Award and in 2000 was recognized as an Honorary Member for her dedication to 4-H.

Myra has been and still is an asset to the Sac County 4-H Program.  Sac County is honored to have her in the community.

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