2002 Davis County - Marcia Bear

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2002 Davis County - Marcia Bear


2002 Davis County - Marcia BearMarcia was a 4-H’er in Davis County.  She carried a variety of home economic and livestock projects and received awards in those projects in addition to leadership recognition.  She received the Outstanding Senior 4-H girl Award for Davis County.

For the past 20 years, Marcia has been giving back to the 4-H program by volunteering time as a project leader and 4-H Leader.  Besides being a leader and parent of two 4-H’ers, Marcia served as a Youth and 4-H Committee member for 18 years.  She is a charter member of the Davis County 4-H Foundation that was formed this past year.  Marcia has also served several terms on the Davis County Fairboard.

Marcia’s interest in the lives and development of youth in Davis County is evident by her steadfast, long-term commitment to the 4-H program and the many hours she spends volunteering for the program.

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