2015 Cherokee County- Dennis and Lois Alquist

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2015 Cherokee County- Dennis and Lois Alquist


Although Dennis and Lois Alquist were not youth 4-H members, however, they became involved when their children entered the 4-H program.

Dennis was a co-leader of the Sheridan-Sure-Shooters 4-H Club who were active in the area of showing livestock. Each year the leaders provided leadership and help for members to make a wood and welding project to exhibit at the fair.

Lois was a 7 year leader of the Liberty Bells 4-H Club. This was an active group of girls. They did a number of activities that helped  their communities. They picked up trash at the local rodeo, provided cookies to the nursing homes at Christmas, and cleaned the local library, just to name a few.

They were able to bring laughter to the children with their annual Halloween party each year. The girls showed many exhibits as well as participated in the livestock shows.

Dennis and Lois traveled several times taking Cherokee County 4-H exhibits to the Iowa State Fair. It was fun to see their exhibits displayed at the Iowa State Fair.


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