2014 Franklin County - Dr. Richard Flickinger

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2014 Franklin County - Dr. Richard Flickinger


Dr. Richard Flickinger was a veterinarian in Franklin County for over 30 years.  He was a great friend to 4H and helped many youth with their livestock and pet projects.  Dr. Flickinger always had time to explain any question 4H’ers had for him.  He also liked to take advantage of any teaching moments that presented themselves. 

There were many 4H clubs and school classes that went through the Hampton Veterinary Clinic for tours.  He enjoyed giving tours and telling youth about what he did and how he cared for animals.  A favorite of the students was when Doc would open up an animal that had died and showed them how he deduced what had happened to the animal.  This caused many different reactions from kids!

Dr. Flickinger was also the Franklin County Fair Veterinarian.  All the animals, both 4H and FFA, had to be seen by Doc to maintain a safe, quality fair for all who participated.  He was always around at the fair and had time for everyone who had a question about their animal.  He spent many hours in meetings, on farms and making tough decision for the safety of youth and livestock at the fair.

Many young people were influenced by Dr. Flickinger and the work he did through the years.   

Dr. Richard Flickinger and his wife Ann have 4 children, all  who were involved in the Franklin County 4-H program.  

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