2014 Benton County - Greg Svoboda

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2014 Benton County - Greg Svoboda


Greg Svoboda has been an amazing asset to Benton County 4-H and to the youth in Benton County.  It’s a little known fact that he spent summers at his grandparents working with livestock, but he was never involved in 4-H in his youth. 

It wasn’t until his children started their 4-H careers that he became involved.  Greg is a former 4-H club leader who was going to  “just help out” because his children were involved, but ending up being a club leader for over 10 years. 

Greg is also a 4-H committee member and swine superintendent who can be seen in every weigh-in or tagging as well as in the show ring each year at fair, wearing bibs, holding a clipboard and keeping track of classes, placings and ribbons. 

He has a great passion for working with the youth in Benton County.  It’s volunteers like Greg that are the backbone of the Iowa 4-H Program and make the positive differences in the lives of our youth.

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