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2015 Wil Groves

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Wilfred "Wil" Groves, III, of Jewel, Iowa is a past 4-H leader of the Freedom Warriors 4-H Club and has served 4-H as a volunteer leader in Hamilton County for over 35 years. 

Award nominations are made by current or past 4-H members. Groves was nominated by a former 4-H club member, Lee Ryherd. In his nomination, Ryherd said, "I was fortunate to have a project leader like Wil when I was starting. His enthusiasm, excitement, and knowledge helped make learning a new skill enjoyable."

Groves used creative ideas to motivate his club members to learn new things. Recognizing that communication was an important life skill for them to learn, Groves issued a challenge. If the club had 100 percent of the membership participate in the county communications competition, Groves would take the club roller-skating, and he would skate in his long red underwear. The club accepted the challenge, and it was a memory that his 4-H’ers will never forget.

"Wil is a volunteer that our 4-H’ers always remember," said Cheryll Entriken, Hamilton County Extension Youth Coordinator. "That’s because of the time he invests in their growth and success."

Groves has been previously honored as a Hamilton County Alumni Leader and an Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame inductee. He is active in his local church and stays involved in his community as a member of the Hospital Board, Friends of the Library, and member of both the Community Chorus and Band where he plays the tuba.

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