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Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2020 State Recognition: Tom Baas

Posted on 09/11/2020 at 8:43 AM

Tom Baas grew up on a pig farm in Kossuth County and has been a part of the agriculture industry his entire life.He earned three degrees from Iowa State University. First,his bachelor’s degree in animal science and later his master’s and Ph.D. both in animal breeding.Tom even met his wife, Cindy,at Iowa State. 

He started out his professional career in the pork industry where he spent 22 years in various aspects including work with the United Duroc Swine Registry, swine seed stock production and owner/operator of Baas Farm Center. When Tom became an animal science professor at Iowa State University, this first-hand experience allowed him to make connections for students and translate real world experience in the pork industry.

Tom spent more than 20 years serving a joint ISU appointment in research, teaching, and extension before retiring in 2016.Tom is well-known on campus for his investment in students. He served as an advisor and mentor to numerous students both in and out of the classroom preparing the future generation to lead the pork industry.Through his joint appointment at Iowa State, Tom also served as a swine research extension specialist.

Through this role, he connected with Iowa 4-H to support youth programming across the state. He served on the State 4-H Swine committee,coordinated the swine species track of Animal Science Round Up, and served for several years as the Derby Swine Show superintendent at the Iowa State Fair.

Tom and Cindy have three grown children. They live in Ames where they continue to be active members of the Cyclone community and their church.

2020 State Recognition: Joe Sellers

Posted on 09/11/2020 at 8:41 AM

Joe Sellers spent 31 years with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach before retiring in 2018. He served as a beef specialist serving 16 counties in south central Iowa.

Growing up in southern Iowa, Joe was a long time 4-H member and even served on state 4-H council. He went on to graduate from Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Science. He later received a master’s degree, also from Iowa State University,in ag education.

Joe’s longtime career in extension established him as a national leader in grazing and forage management education. He also took the time to develop future beef industry and agriculture professionals by mentoring young Extension staff members and establishing a summer internship program for college students at the McNay Research Farm.

Joe’s professional role also allowed him to spend his summers supporting youth programs. He spent countless hours working with 4-H and FFA youth at carcass shows.This was one way he could share his knowledge on production practices and management.He was also a 4-H sheep superintendent at the Iowa State Fair for more than 20 years, helping thousands of kids with their sheep projects.

Upon retirement from Iowa State, Joe has filled his time by continuing the work on the family farm. He and his wife, Cindy, live in Lucas County.

2020 Wright County: Bill & Marcie Brodersen

Posted on 08/23/2020 at 12:00 PM

Bill and Marcie Brodersen have been chosen as this year’s Wright County 4-H Hall of Fame inductees. Bill and Marcie Brodersen

Marcie joined 4-H in the fourth grade as part of the Lincoln Lassie’s League. She showed horses for one year, cattle, and entered numerous static entries - home improvement and food and nutrition were her favorite project areas. She was part of an active 4-H family. Marcie and her five sisters belonged to the local club, her mother was their leader while her dad led a boys’ 4-H group. Later, two of Marcie’s sisters also served as leaders.

In 2000, Marcie and her husband, Bill (originally from Nebraska), moved from Des Moines back to the Clarion area. “We wanted to raise our kids in a small town,” Marcie said.

In 2007, Marcie found her way back into the 4-H program, taking over both the 4-H Food Stand and the pop stand at the Wright County Fair.  “Bill just kind of got drug along for all of this,” she said lightheartedly.

Anyone who has ever eaten at the food stand can tell you that one of the most sought-after items on the menu is the pie...because it’s homemade by Marcie.  Each year she makes, from scratch, 120 pies (that started with her sister’s recipe).  She starts them on Memorial Day weekend by preparing the dough. 

While Bill doesn’t bake the pies, he sure is good at selling them.  When you go through the 4-H Food Stand line, you’re almost always greeted by Bill and his smiling face saying “What can I get for you?” “Bill loves seeing all the kids and families come through...and meeting all the people,” commented Marcie.

In 2008, the couple became 4-H parents when their oldest daughter, Kelsie joined the Dayton Lake Club followed soon after by their second daughter, Chloe. Marcie has been their club’s leader for the last seven years.

Despite all she and Bill have done in 4-H, Marcie was humbled to win this award. “I was shocked.  My first thought was ‘Isn’t there somebody else who is more deserving?” she admitted.  “This award is super sweet.  We love (4-H).  We’ve had so much fun over the years.”

So, what’s their favorite part of 4-H and the Wright County Fair? “The chaos,” Marcie said with a little chuckle.  “It’s fun to see the Eagle Grove and Belmond kids we don’t get to see all the time because we live in Clarion.”

Watching their own family members is enjoyed as well. There have been nine grandkids involved with 4-H and one great grandchild.... with more to follow. Their family motto – “Once a 4-Her...Always a 4-Her.”

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2020 Worth County: Rhonda & Mark Taylor

Posted on 08/23/2020 at 12:00 PM

Rhonda and Mark Taylor have been the heart and soul of the Worth County 4-H food stand for the past 16 years. Mark and Rhonda have put in tireless hours, hard work, and dedication to the county fair 4-H food stand each year. They are up bright and early every morning and work into the late-night hours throughout the six-day run of the Worth County Fair. Rhonda provides outstanding organization and communication skills to all the 4-H members, parents, and club leaders as they transition their clubs into the working shifts every few hours. Rhonda provides excellent instructions and motivation to the many volunteers that rotate through the food stand while Mark manages the busy task of running the grills and overseeing food preparation and food order deliveries. The Worth County 4-H food stand has been extremely successful under their expert guidance and know how. Rhonda and Mark Taylor

Rhonda and Mark’s great work has allowed the Worth County 4-H to enjoy a very profitable experience year in and year out. The additional financial resources garnered by the Worth County 4-H food stand has been a tremendous asset to Worth County 4-H members in the county to support youth activities. Due to their efforts Worth County 4-H has been able to provide a large amount of scholarships for a record number of youth to participate in the Iowa 4-H Conference at ISU, Chicago 4-H Record Book Award Trip, Worth County 4-H Washington D.C. Citizenship Focus experience, National 4-H Congress, National 4-H Conference, Junior Summer 4-H Camp and the annual Worth County 4-H Intermediate Trip to ISU.

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2020 Woodbury County: Kathy Goodwin

Posted on 08/23/2020 at 12:00 PM

Kathy Goodwin is a Woodbury County 4-H alumna. She belonged to the Banner Planners 4-H club in the 60’s and her mother, Bev Hoelker, was a 4-H leader to the club. She exhibited at the Woodbury County Fair in home economic type projects. She also happens to be Woodbury County’s first fair queen. Kathy Goodwin

Kathy was the office manager for the Woodbury County Extension Office in the early 90’s and retired in December 2010. During her work years at the office, she played an important role for the 4-H department during the county fair.  She helped the auctioneer during the annual pie sale, printed livestock show programs, answered questions, made sure news releases were filled out correctly and spent time setting up the office and taking it down, which is no easy task. She even recruited her husband and father-in-law to volunteer their time to build storage shelving that houses all the 4-H equipment and supplies used during the county fair.

After retirement Kathy continues to volunteer for 4-H. She can be found helping in the Varied Industries Building on judging day with setting up the refreshment table for 4-H judges, superintendents, and helpers. This is over 100 people she helps on 4-H judging day. This may seem like a small task, but it is so important, and much appreciated by volunteers and staff. It is one less duty that the 4-H staff must worry about. She also assists with any odd jobs for the 4-H staff and volunteers and helps wherever she is needed. Kathy has recruited her sister Shari to volunteer on judging day. Kathy also volunteers at the church food stand during the county fair and always makes several of her famous pies to donate.

Kathy was married to Bill for 40 years and has two children and six grandchildren: Todd and wife Nicole and their children Madison, McKenzie, Beau and Blakely; Tricia and her husband Brent and their two children Eli and Milo.  Kathy’s husband died in 2008 following a 5-year battle with ALS.  Kathy loves spending time with her family and friends. 

Kathy has always been generous of her time to others and is always willing to help the 4-H program. She is active in her church and her community of Lawton, Iowa. Kathy’s families and friends are very proud of her and happy that she is receiving this year’s 2020 4-H Hall of Fame nomination for Woodbury County.

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2020 Winneshiek County: Dick Horne

Posted on 08/23/2020 at 12:00 PM

Winneshiek County is honored to present this year’s Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame to recipient, Dick Horne. Dick spent 33 years with extension. He began his Winneshiek County career in 1970 as the 4-H Youth Leader and later became the Extension Director from 1977-2000. His devotion to the 4-H program continues today as he can be found supporting the 4-H Gala or bringing out the best of kids, on the microphone, at the county fair Pee Wee Dairy show for the past 30 years! Dick Horne

Dick Horne grew up in Canton, Ohio. He was the older of two boys. His family lived above a grocery store, and the landlord had a brother that was a dairy farmer. Dick worked at that dairy farm for several summers. He went on to attend Ohio State and pursue his love for Dairy Science.

Dick worked for Marshalltown and Harden County before accepting the 4-H Youth position serving Fayette, Allamakee, Howard and Winneshiek Counties in Northeast Iowa. He was highly active in 4-H clubs encouraging youth to explore and try new ideas. His love for serving the community evolved into its next phase as the Winneshiek County Extension Director.

In the 1980’s Dick could be found visiting family farms and working with farmers during difficult transitional years. In 1985 he was honored to receive the Winneshiek County Distinguished Service Award.

Anyone attending the Winneshiek County Fair knows that the Pee Wee Dairy Show is a highlight! Young children, beginning at age 3, come to the show ring dressed as the hero of their choice with a matching calf by their side. Each child parades to the center of the show ring for their chance to speak on the microphone with interviewer, Dick Horne who has been the MC of this event for the past 30 years. The grandstand is packed with proud parents and grandparents watching this Pee Wee Show. For many of these children, this positive experience is the start of their 4-H career.

Dick enjoys a good game of golf and reading anything about history. His family, including 17 grandchildren & 2 great grandchildren, and health are of main importance to him. He is known for his great sense of humor!
Congratulations Dick! What a way to celebrate your 81st Birthday!

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2020 Winnebago County: Mary Walk

Posted on 08/23/2020 at 12:00 PM

Mary Walk began her journey with Winnebago County Extension in 2002, when she joined the Winnebago County Extension Council. She served as a member and treasurer for 14 years, ending her role in 2016 only to help the County Office when it experienced a shortage in staff. Mary Walk

Mary became a Master Gardener in 2000 and has shared her knowledge and expertise with our county ever since. She continues to be a resource for our office when locals call in with gardening questions and many people still think she works at the Extension Office, and often reach out directly to her for advice. Mary is always willing to jump in and volunteer her time at many of our county events. 

She has led many 4-H youth and adult programs, often with gardening or sewing, she volunteers her time at the Extension’s annual events such as Family Fall Festival and Family Fun Night, and she continues to help at our County Fair. For many years, she has helped judge the youth’s horticulture projects, as well as the cat, dog, and pet show.  Mary has been a vital asset to the Winnebago County Extension Office and our community is lucky to have her!




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2020 Webster County: Lonne & Karen Anderson

Posted on 08/23/2020 at 12:00 PM

Webster County is proud to recognize Lonne and Karen Anderson for their many years of outstanding support and dedication to the Webster County 4-H program. They both carry on a strong family tradition of 4-H. Lonne was in the Clay Champions’ 4-H club as a youth. His dad was on the fair board, and Lonne later followed in his father’s footsteps by joining the fair board for nine years, eight of those years as president. Lonne dedicated endless hours to build the first tractor pulling track and racetrack at the fairgrounds. His goal has always been to maintain a place for the kids to be able to show their projects each year. He is always willing to help with any job needed to be done throughout the year at the fairgrounds. Lonne and Karen Anderson

Karen was a 4-H member of the Lehigh Leprechauns in Webster County. She was on the Webster County Youth Committee for several years. She helped with county interviews and record book judging and continues to help with these tasks yet today. She loves listening to the ideas 4-H members have and watching them become successful. Karen was on the Fair Board for three years and served two of those years as the vice president. Her goal was to try adding more open shows and other events to the fair to build it back up. She worked on a lot of the marketing for the fair board and still does that today. Now she is on the fair planning committee and focuses on marketing and open ahows. It makes Lonne and Karen happy when their kids and grandkids come home for any fair event, and they just pitch in and help without being asked. Lonne and Karen’s three children were in 4-H as well as three of their grandkids. Through 4-H, their kids and grandkids know the importance of volunteering for good causes. The dedication that Lonne and Karen have shown throughout their many years of involvement with the Webster County Fair Board and 4-H illustrates repeatedly how they care and support community organizations. Webster County 4-H thanks Lonne and Karen for their years of dedication and support to 4-H.


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2020 Wayne County: Rick & Page Mitteness

Posted on 08/23/2020 at 12:00 PM

Wayne County would like to introduce Rick and Page Mitteness as our 4-H Hall of Fame recipients for the 2020 Iowa State Fair. We would like to recognize Rick and Page for the numerous contributions they have given on behalf of the Wayne County Fair and 4-H youth. Rick and Page Mitteness

The couple have been a part of Wayne County 4-H and the Wayne County Fair since coming to Southern Iowa and making it their home. They have resided on the family farm for many years now, raising their son, and now enjoying the company of their grandchildren. Rick and Page certainly have a love for their family, the land, and livestock. The couple exemplifies what it is to be a good neighbor and have been recognized by WHO radio with the Gary Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award. 

Both served on the Wayne County Fair Board and could be found helping with various activities during the fair as well as other events throughout the year. Both are longtime supporters of the Wayne County Fair; Rick has served as the Scales Superintendent for several years and continues to do so today. The couple sponsor awards for the Champion Angus Steer, Champion Angus Heifer, Grand Champion Market Beef, Grand Champion Market Lamb, Junior Sheep Showmanship, and Outstanding 4-H Recycled Garment at the Wayne County Fair.   

Wayne County is proud to recognize Rick and Page who care about the advancement of the Wayne County 4-H Program and all the youth it serves.

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2020 Washington County: Dave Birney & Duane Sprouse

Posted on 08/23/2020 at 12:00 PM

As staples to the Washington County Fair sheep project, Dave Birney and Duane Sprouse can typically be found in the sheep barn or in the Extension office mulling over show orders during fair week. Both have served as sheep project superintendents for 48 years; they’ve seen it all and continue to work tirelessly to improve the overall experience for youth. Dave Birney and Duane Sprouse

Birney is a Washington County alum. He grew up in an active 4-H family and carried on the tradition upon meeting his future wife, Linda, on a youth trip to Washington D.C.

Sprouse became involved with the 4-H program during his time as an ag. instructor. With no prior experience of raising sheep himself, Sprouse suggested raising sheep to an FFA member in need of a project, which in turn, sparked his own interest in the species. His own kids started out their 4-H careers by raising sheep and have never looked back. As a family, they have grown their expertise and now sell show lambs themselves.

The duo recalls a point in time when sheep and ground hogs were held in with wooden gates on a bed of straw and remark about how much things have changed since then! Together, they led the refurbishing of the sheep barn, including the installation of all new concrete and pens. They also oversaw the addition of a new wash rack to the facility as well.

They commented that “[We have] made as many opportunities for kids that we could.” One such addition is the class known as Premiere Exhibitor, which seeks to recognize 4-H sheep exhibitors who can articulate their understanding about the future of the animal industry and their knowledge of animal production. Youth are quizzed, interviewed, and evaluated on their showmanship as they compete for overall winner in each age division. Serving as a rich resource for sheep project families, Sprouse leads several successive pre-fair sheep workshops each summer.

A special 2020 family lamb class, “Ewe Raised Me Right”, has been created to honor the work of Birney and Sprouse. When asked why they have maintained their commitment to the Washington County 4-H program for so many years, Sprouse answered, “[The] kids. It’s always about [the] kids.” He went on to say that, “[the] pay over the years was the smile.” A flood of smiles are expected to be found around the show ring as current 4-Hers and alumni of the sheep department thank Birney and Sprouse for their many years of service.

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