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Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2016 Adams County: Jim Amdor

Posted on 08/26/2016 at 10:05 AM

James R (Jim) Amdor joined 4-H as a member of the Adams County Jasper Specialists 4-H club in the 1950’s. He came from a strong 4-H family. His parents and 4 siblings were involved in 4-H at the county and state levels. Jim had a passion for livestock projects. That love for hogs and cattle he developed in 4-H carried over into his farming career and has served as a connection to community service throughout his life. In more than 40 years of doing what he loves--raising livestock-- Jim developed a specialty in show pigs and show cattle. Throughout his adult life, he used his livestock knowledge and expertise as a 4-H club leader, as a 4-H committee member, as a workshop demonstrator, and as a 4-H livestock judge to encourage and teach his own children and many other young people in 4-H about raising livestock, having fun, and serving the community.

After high school, Jim served his country in the Peace Corps in Nigeria, Africa teaching ways to improve farming and livestock practices. He then served his country as a Marine in Vietnam. When he came back to Adams County, he married Beverly Brown. Bev became an elementary school teacher in Corning and together they started farming ---- raising corn, soybeans hay, pasture, cattle, and hogs. They had two children, Aaron and Jennifer, who had nine year 4-H careers.

In the early 1970’s, he helped start the Adams County Cattlemen’s Association. In the 1980’s and 90’s, Jim served more than 10 years as a 4-H leader for the Jasper Specialists 4-H club. Jim was always there to do what he could to help 4-Hers prepare for county fair and other state and interstate livestock shows. After Jim and Bev’s own kids were out of 4-H, Jim volunteered his livestock judging and speaking skills not only at the Adams County fair, but other county fairs and 4-H events around the state and at the national level. Through the years, Jim also served on the Adams County 4-H Endowment Fund committee and the Adams County Youth and 4-H committee in support of the Adams County 4-H program.

Jim was a 20-year member of the board of supervisors in Adams County. In addition to serving on other committees and boards in the community, he meets with the daily Southend of Main Street coffee drinkers and helps with fund-raisers for their charitable causes. Jim is an honorary 4-H Alumni in Adams County, an Iowa Master Pork Producer, an Iowa Master Farmer, and an Adams County Cattlemen Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

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2016 Allamakee County: Louise Wild

Posted on 08/26/2016 at 10:05 AM

The Allamakee County 4-H Youth Development Committee is proud to recognize Louise Wild as the 2016 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame inductee from Allamakee County. Louise has been a long-time supporter of the Allamakee County 4-H Program. Her 4-H involvement spanned several years from her early start as a member of the 4-H Toppers when it was an all-girls club — to her many years as a 4-H club leader for the River Valley Panthers.

She has also served as a member of the Youth Development Committee, Extension Council and as the communication superintendent. Even though her children have grown and graduated from the 4-H program, she is still willing to share her 4-H enthusiasm by helping with the Allamakee County State Fair booth and spends her summers traveling around Northeast Iowa as a county fair judge. Louise even makes her family schedule their summer vacation around her 4-H judging schedule!

This year’s 4-H Hall of Fame inductee continues to touch many lives through her support to the Allamakee County 4-H Program. Louise is a great asset to the Allamakee County 4-H Program as her years of service to the 4-H program emphasizes the mission of the Iowa

2016 Appanoose County: David Haines

Posted on 08/26/2016 at 10:05 AM

David Haines plays a huge role in the Appanoose County 4-H Program as well as serving faithfully at the Appanoose County Fair. David has been on the Appanoose County Fair Board since 2004, currently serving as Vice-President and superintendent of the arena.  Additionally, David serves the Appanoose County 4-H Program through many avenues, including the Appanoose County 4-H Adult Committee, Appanoose County 4-H Foundation and does the weighing of livestock at the Fair. 

David’s 4-H involvement began when he was a member of the Exline Ramblers 4-H Club, participating in swine and beef projects. David served as his club representative on the traveling Youth Council.  Volunteering with the 4-H program is a family affair, as David’s wife, Marketta, can be found volunteering at the Appanoose County Fair as well! 

David is well-known to the youth of Appanoose County.  Through his service, he often comes in contact with young people working on their projects and gives them constant support.  He often lends an encouraging word, friendly smile and helping hand to any young person that he is around.  In 2013, the Appanoose County Youth Council elected David the “Fair Dad” of the year.  David can often be found stopping by the Extension Office with new ideas or out at the fairgrounds working to constantly improve the space.  David is invested in making the 4-H program and fair itself as beneficial to the young people of Appanoose County as possible.   

Appanoose County is lucky to have David Haines as part of our 4-H Family and his service is invaluable.

2016 Audubon County Greg Jensen

Posted on 08/26/2016 at 10:04 AM

Greg became a Greely Tip Top member in 1963.  During his experience in 4-H and FFA Greg knew for sure that agriculture, and especially, livestock would be important in his life. One great memory was in ‘63 when his Herefords, Ruff and Reddy, earned a blue ribbon at the Audubon County Fair.  During Greg’s years in 4-H he served as an officer and was active in attending meetings. He has fond memories of his club and the fun times all enjoyed. 

The Audubon County Fair has been an important part of Greg’s daughters’ lives also. He was always there to encourage and guide Katie and Molly with their livestock projects.  He took into account their safety and wellbeing, which led to leaving a calf home one summer. It was probably more disappointing for Greg than for the owner of that stubborn calf.   

In 1981, Greg became a member of the Audubon County Fair Board.  He enjoyed the camaraderie with the older members. Working hard was just part of the deal, and he gave his time and efforts. He learned quickly there is always something to be done at the fair – he is willing to do the hard work to keep things going.   Over the years, Greg has served as vice-president and is currently president of the board. He was instrumental in planning, fundraising, and helping where needed in the construction of the Livestock Pavilion. This year he spearheaded the new concession stand and restrooms located near the Livestock Pavilion. 

The fair board is a team that needs to work together. Over the years they have accomplished a great deal and the fairgrounds is looking better every year. Greg would truly like to see more young people get involved. The fair is a proud tradition that should continue far into the future. The 4-H program continues to help our young people become the best possible members of society. The county fair is a showcase of their hard work.

2016 Benton County: Duane Fisher 

Posted on 08/26/2016 at 10:04 AM

Being a volunteer takes someone with a big heart, enthusiasm, a positive attitude and a passion for “making the best better”. Benton County has been lucky enough to have many volunteers that meet that description but one in particular has gone above and beyond for many years. Duane Fisher has worn many hats over his 40+ years of being a part of the Benton County 4-H Program. 

Duane Fisher served as 4-H/FFA Poultry Superintendent, 4-H/FFA Dog and Pet Superintendent, 4-H/FFA Horse and Pony Superintendent.  He currently is involved with the 4-H Committee Chairperson, 3rd Grade Ag Day committee member, Farm Safety Day committee member and Benton County 4-H Foundation Board member as well as numerous other boards, event committees and activities within the community including 37 years as the Vinton-Shellsburg FFA Advisor before retiring.   

Mr. Fisher has a great passion for working with youth and wants each of them to grow, learn, and achieve their dreams. He has been a true asset and given so much to the youth in Benton County over the years that it is impossible to acknowledge all of his contributions.   Bestowing this honor to Mr. Fisher is one way to thank him for all he has done for the youth in Benton County.  We are truly grateful for all that he has given to our 4-H program, the community and the youth in Benton County over the years. 

Thank you Mr. Fisher!

2016 Black Hawk County Pat and Randy Lichty

Posted on 08/26/2016 at 10:04 AM

There has never been a time when 4-H was not a central part of Pat and Randy Lichty's lives. As children, each was raised in rural Black Hawk County and were part of large, active families where older brothers and sisters led the way with 4-H careers.             

Randy's 4-H membership began at 10, in the Orange Kings and later the Orange Boosters clubs where he had swine, beef, junior and senior cattle feeders, woodworking, electric, welding and small engine projects. On the north side of the county, Pat Schmitz was growing up a Mt. Vernon Pals club member, developing skills and success in dairy, food and nutrition, clothing, home improvement, citizenship and leadership projects.      

Not surprisingly, clover power brought the two together; during the County Citizenship trip in 1972.After graduating Randy attended ISU majoring in farm operations. Pat also attended ISU, and later UNI. After their children were raised she earned an associate degree in photography.        

Married in 1975, Pat and Randy continued their rich history with 4-H on the family farm, raising 6 sons, all 9-year 4-H members, 3 who served on the State 4-H Council. "Two of them met their wives at 4-H activities!" Pat points out.            

The Lichty’s served as club leaders for 20+ years, were County Council Advisors, on the fair board, and State 4-H Conference chaperones. Randy is cattle superintendent, Pat is photography superintendent at Black Hawk County 4-H & FFA Fair. "Besides believing in 4-H, we are believers in giving back to the community, it’s something instilled in us by our parents." Today, most of their 7 grandchildren are involved in 4-H.         

Additionally the couple is active in their church. Randy is an ECI Co-op Board Director and through her photography business Pat recently joined the Hudson Chamber of Commerce.  For 35 years the Lichty’s have annually hosted school students for visits, noting, "We feel it is important for kids in Iowa to learn about farms."               


2016 Boone County Mary Clancy

Posted on 08/26/2016 at 10:04 AM

Since 2009, Mary Clancy has made a huge impact on the 4-H program in Boone County.  Mary is very passionate about 4-H and it shows in everything she does. Beyond her work hours, Mary volunteered countless hours at both the county and state level.   

Mary is a very hard working and determined individual. When Mary started working for Boone County ISU Extension & Outreach as the Program Coordinator, she noticed improvements that were needed within the program and at the fairgrounds.  In true 4-H fashion, she set goals for herself and came up with a plan to achieve those goals. Even though she encountered many roadblocks, she was determined to achieve those goals. Without her leadership, Boone County wouldn’t have two horse barns full of box stalls, a building for the Beef Pen of 3 animals, a bigger ISU Extension & Outreach Office, and the funds to complete a remodel of the 4-H food stand.  She is a true model of how to take what you learn about goal setting and achieving goals in 4-H and applying it to your everyday life.    

Mary grew up in Pomeroy, Iowa and enjoyed participating in the Calhoun County 4-H program as an active beef and sheep exhibitor.   Mary’s passion for agriculture, education and 4-H started at a young age and has continued throughout her life. Those passions led her to pursue a Bachelors and Master’s Degree from Iowa State University. She utilizes her enthusiasm for agriculture, education and 4-H to make a positive impact in every county she has served; which include Calhoun County, where she got her start in ISU Extension; Warren County as 4-H Coordinator; Calhoun County as County Extension Education Director; Shelby County as County Extension Education Director and Boone County as Program Coordinator.   

Mary loves the Iowa State Fair. Prior to her employment in Boone County, Mary served as 4-H Ag/Livestock Specialist at the State 4-H Office.  She worked with the livestock volunteers at the Iowa State Fair to coordinate the livestock shows and educational opportunities for 4-H’ers all over the state of Iowa. For the past few years, you could see her smiling face in the 4-H Building at the Iowa State Fair helping with the Food and Nutrition Exhibits, livestock shows and in many other areas. Recently, Mary Clancy started a new chapter in her life with the Iowa 4-H Foundation, where she serves as the Interim 4-H Scholarship Coordinator.

Mary Clancy and her husband, Larry Pote enjoy raising beef on their family farm in Coon Rapids, Iowa.  

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2016 Bremer County Pat and Nicole Reiher

Posted on 08/26/2016 at 10:04 AM

Pat and Nicole Reiher have been very active volunteers for the Bremer County 4-H program for the past 10 years. They began their volunteer services during the time their children were involved in the 4-H program and have continued serving Bremer County 4-H’ers. 

Nicole was a 4-H leader in Bremer County for several years. She currently serves as the static judging day coordinator. She also announces and clerks many 4-H livestock shows at the fair. She is always willing to help in any way she can when it comes to the 4-H program. 

Pat is very involved with the Bremer County Fair Board but also is an advocate for the 4-H program and the members. He goes above and beyond helping at weigh-ins, livestock programs, the fair, and leading a hand where needed. For several years he has helped cook at the Annual Omelet Brunch fundraiser and is always promoting 4-H.  

Their 10 years of service to the Bremer County 4-H program has left an impact on many young people. Bremer County would like to thank them both for keeping this tradition alive and well and we proudly select them as our inductees for 2016

2016 Buchanan County Curt Chesmore

Posted on 08/26/2016 at 10:04 AM

“4-H is all about the experience and helping others,” said Curt Chesmore, who was a 4-H volunteer for over 30 years. He is one who lives for the experience, always there to lend a helping hand, and teaching others what it takes to become a leader. As a former 4-H leader, Curt believes 4-H has many opportunities for kids to be engaged in and participate. The 4-H community has had a large influence in his life and he hopes that our future generation will see the impact of 4-H in their lives as well. 

Curt started 4-H when he was 10 years of age and loved it! He was involved in showing livestock, crop judging, and even went on to nationals in Chicago to receive the National Achievement Award. Following high school he attended Iowa State University for a short period, but farming was his passion and he made the decision to go back home and farm. On the farm he used to milk cows, raise pigs, and still today he is growing crops. Not only is he a farmer, but he has worked at a couple of implement stores throughout his adult career. He has four children who were involved in 4-H and enjoyed their involvement in the different livestock and static project areas, especially during fair week. 

4-H opened many doors for Curt. After school and having kids he became a 4-H leader of the Washington Eagles club for 10 years. As leader, his favorite thing was the demonstrations presented at county or state fair. Keeping record books was also important in his club because it told a story about each kid’s projects and participation. He served on the Youth Advisory committee, Extension Council, Pork Producers, and Buchanan County Fair Board. Being an active member, he wanted to see kids having fun during the fair. So he came up with a fun event that also promoted pork, “pig mud wrestling”.   It is still a favorite today. 

“4-H is about bringing people together and there is no ending to what you can gain out of 4-H. It keeps going and going,” Curt said. Another highlight for him was, of course, the pie auction. It was always a joy for him to bring the public in and challenge them to bid against each other to help raise money for the 4-H program. Curt lives by the 4-H motto each and every day and hopes others see the importance that we are here to help and serve others.

2016 Buena Vista County Carol Ehlers

Posted on 08/26/2016 at 10:04 AM

Buena Vista County 4-H is proud to recognize Carol Huneycutt Ehlers as the 2016 Iowa Hall of Fame honoree.  Carol has been part of the 4-H family starting out as a Kansas 4-Her, a 4-H knitting project leader, a Newell Booster 4-H club leader and ISU 4-H Youth Program Field Specialist.   

Because of supportive extension staff and volunteers, programs started through Carol’s leadership include: Clover Kids, Career TREK to ISU, consumer judging contests, NW Tech Team, 4-H Crop Scouts, Regional Robotics and STEM program, Safety Education and Shooting Sports, and livestock judging.  

As a team member in Buena Vista County she has led the 4-H program through transition, hired and trained new staff, and provided support and guidance for the 4-H program and its families. As a 4-H club leader, a mom and a staffer she seeks to develop and empower young leaders. A 1990 training of County 4-H Youth Councils on communications skills started with a VHS camera and two decades later flip cameras then to digital photography. Early work with 4-H committees welcomed youth into decision making roles on county councils and endowments.   

“From the remarkable families and volunteers who make up the 4-H family, it’s been a true partnership of reciprocity as I’ve grown professionally, as a volunteer and 4-H mom,” says Carol.   4-H families of Buena Vista County say “Thank You” to Carol Ehlers for being a compassionate and caring 4-H innovator throughout her life!

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