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Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2014 Wright County - Dale Haugland

Posted on 08/18/2014 at 10:54 AM

Dale Haugland began his 4-H volunteer career while working at the local photography studio. Wright County Extension staff stopped in the studio and asked if someone could do a workshop on photography for the 4-H’ers. Dale was sent to do his first photography workshop and from that day on led many workshops in the North Central area. After leading workshops the next step for him was to judge at the county fair. Judging was fun for him, his favorite part was working with the kids and watching them grow. There were times when Dale led a workshop and then was the photography judge, and he could see what the kids really learned at his workshops.

Dale volunteered as the Wright County Photography project leader & Photography judge for over 40 years. When asking Dale what his favorite part of volunteering with the 4-H program was, he answered, “the kids, they are the best bunch of kids. When they come to a workshop they are not messing around and they listen and ask good questions.” Like all great volunteers, Dale liked to share his knowledge with the youth. Over the years as a 4-H volunteer he learned a lot from the kids, especially now with the digital era. Dale enjoyed his years judging 4-H fairs because 4-H is based on the  4-H’ers own goal and growth.

Ask Dale to share a memory he has as a judge and he will share the same story. As a judge kids came to him with their photos and many times do not talk. Dale relates telling a first year 4-H member that if she did not start talking he was not going to give her a ribbon. Well, she really opened up and started talking. Then he had a hard time getting her to stop all of her chatting. Now since this trick worked to get kids talking, Dale continued to use it during his years of judging.

Everyone can be in 4-H because there is something for everyone, and he is glad that his boss sent him to do that first photography workshop with the Wright County 4-H’ers. Dale feels being involved with 4-H is one of the best experiences of his life, never a dull moment.

You will still find Dale at many 4-H events and fairs. Once 4-H is in your blood it’s hard to let it all go. Congratulations to 2014 Wright County 4-H Hall of Fame inductee Dale Haugland.


2014 Worth County - Paul Ferley

Posted on 08/18/2014 at 10:53 AM

Paul Ferley has served the Worth County 4-H program in a variety of ways. He co-managed the Worth County 4-H Food Stand for a number of years with great success in recording increased funds for the Worth County 4-H Foundation. Paul also was 4-H Beef Superintendent after his children completed exhibiting at the county fair. He proved to be a very organized leader for the County 4-H Beef Show for more than a decade.

For nearly twenty years Paul and another Worth County 4-H supporter each provided a pig for an annual 4-H pig roast fundraiser at the Worth County Fair. Through Paul’s generous 4-H volunteer and fundraising efforts, 4-H in Worth County was able to enjoy some of the healthiest financial fund balances ever. With his continued support many 4-H members were able to receive scholarships and support for participation, communication, leadership, and citizenship experiences that youth may not have been able to afford otherwise.

Paul’s family has also been fully engaged in the Worth County 4-H program with his wife Sheryl volunteering her educational expertise as a long time school teacher. She has led educational workshops and volunteered numerous hours to Worth County 4-H. Paul’s daughter, Suzette and son Mark were very active 4-Her’s. Mark served two years on the Iowa State 4-H Council and was elected as a State 4-H officer his second year.

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2014 Woodbury County - Maggie Locke

Posted on 08/18/2014 at 10:51 AM

To say when it all started, is probably when Christine, the oldest Locke child, joined 4-H in 1983.  Being the involved parent that she was, Maggie became the assistant leader and then the organizational leader of the Woodbury Westsiders 4-H Club.  She was a leader for seven years past her children’s involvement and then stepped down, but continues to volunteer for 4-H.  This unselfishly reveals how valuable and important Maggie thinks the 4-H program is for her children and other young people.

Record books were always a huge priority she tried to instill in the club members so they could measure their individual growth. This was a key indicator as to what the 4-H’er liked and disliked.  Each member could visibly see where their interests were, as those were the projects they continued in and succeeded in throughout 4-H. Many of her former 4-H’ers have gone on to pursue careers in those interests areas.

Maggie always instilled community service and citizenship as projects for all members. She was always finding and suggesting service projects for the members of the club.  Maggie was instrumental in pet therapy at two local nursing homes for over 25 years. The nursing home residents would enjoy goodie bags at different holidays, which the 4-H’ers made and put together at club meetings. The residents also recall enjoyable memories of various critters (which were 4-H projects) and the 4-H’ers themselves.

Another group community/citizenship project was the renovation of the goat barn and rabbit barn at the Woodbury County Fair.  This included getting donations for the fans and building material of lumber and cement for new pens.  Then the 4-Hers would work on the barns. Maggie was a firm believer that 4-H was definitely a family affair and claimed she really got to know a lot of special families through working with the 4-H’er and their families for the betterment of the fair.

Maggie’s husband, Larry has always been there to help her with these 4-H activities. He even got roped into tattooing 4-H rabbits with her.  The two of them organized the pork burgers that were sold the day of the hog show at the county fair for five years with all the proceeds going back to the fair.

These thirty years have flown by.  Even though Maggie was never a 4-H member herself, she has embraced what 4-H has to offer.  Reflecting back, one can see Maggie was always available to help any 4-H’er that needed help and encouragement.  She has seen her 4-H members through the winning and the losing, the good and the bad, she’s been excited for them, disappointed with them, but always accepted them right where they were. She saw her role as a leader to teach each person to grow up and be a responsible, involved, informed, kind, and caring person. 4-H was and will continue always to be a huge part of Maggie's life!

2014 Winneshiek County - Norbert Lovstuen

Posted on 08/18/2014 at 10:42 AM

Norbert has been a 4-Her since 1959 when he became a member of the Burr Oak Builders 4-H Club.  He exhibited Holstein and Jersey dairy cattle and participated in dairy judging, advancing to the national competition.  He also won numerous showmanship awards while showing his animals.

Norbert met Diane Ruen in the dairy barn at the Winneshiek County Fair in 1966.  They married in 1971 and have three sons, Aaron, Nick, and Darren, all of whom were active in 4-H.  They also exhibited Holstein dairy cattle and won many showmanship competitions and dairy judging contests.  In 2014, three of their grandchildren continued the family tradition in the 4-H dairy shows at the fair.

Norbert and Diane live on the farm his parents purchased in 1951.  His son Aaron farms with them, and his son Nick lives on the farm that has been in Diane’s family since 1854.  Darren lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  There are seven grandchildren who have all participated in the PeeWee Dairy Show for many years.

Norbert has been a 4-H leader and has served on the Winneshiek County Extension Council and the 4-H Youth Committee.  He has supported his children, grandchildren, and many other Winneshiek County 4-H members with their projects and exhibits.  He also has given assistance with the 4-H restaurant, the omelet breakfast, and the spaghetti supper.

2014 Webster County - John and Sandee Bonner

Posted on 08/18/2014 at 10:40 AM

John and Sandee Bonner have been involved with 4-H and Extension & Outreach in many ways since moving to Webster County in 1991. 

John retired as CEO/EVP of the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) in 2013 and Sandee is employed as a Special Education Consultant for Prairie Lakes AEA.  John and Sandee were both 4-H members and John was an International Farm Youth Exchange delegate to Germany.  Both have been involved with 4-H club activities in Illinois, Missouri and Iowa.  They have assisted in judging record books, county interviews and project judging activities and worked to set up a process for contributing to the Webster County 4-H Foundation that can increase funding for future years and has tax benefits to donors. 

John developed a bucket bottle calf project in conjunction with Land O’Lakes to train 4-H members on calf feeding and keeping records.  He also worked with his son to develop an aerospace project that has served over 500 members in Webster County. 

Sandee served as treasurer of the Webster County Extension Council and was part of the Webster County 4-H Youth Committee for twelve years.  During this time on the Youth Committee, she interviewed youth for county recognition annually, encouraged 4-H’ers to apply for state and national awards, worked with the county council monthly on yearly goals and assisted with fair comment writing and set up of State Fair exhibits.

They have two sons who were both 4-H members for eleven years and both were selected to attend National 4-H Conference at the National 4-H Center in Chevy Chase Maryland.  Sandee and John encouraged their sons to take citizenship, leadership and communication as project areas in addition to numerous other projects each year.  The first of their granddaughters is now in Clover Kids.

This couple continues to support the Webster County 4-H program and shares their beliefs with others on the value of 4-H.

2014 Wayne County - Jan Winslow

Posted on 08/18/2014 at 10:38 AM

Jan Winslow started working for Iowa State University Extension in 1968 as a Home Economist. She worked primarily with 4-H conducting leadership training in home economics and photography.

She worked in Wayne, Appanoose & Lucas counties which were part of the Ottumwa District. She was very busy each summer as those 3 county fairs followed each other. Jan also helped 4-Hers take their exhibits to the Iowa State Fair.

Jan worked with Inga Eddy who was a long-serving Extension Home Economist. Jan conducted training sessions each year for 4-H home economics leaders using curriculum material from Iowa State University. She wrote & compiled several informational hand-outs and reference materials.

Jan Winslow was a 4-H leader for the Benton Busy Bees from 1969-1970 and from 1972 through 1976

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2014 Washington County - Robert Emde

Posted on 08/18/2014 at 10:37 AM

Robert Emde never met a stranger. He loved talking to people and loved getting them to his county fair. 

As a Washington County 4-H and FFA member, Robert exhibited cattle at the county and state level.  His friends explained he had an eye for good black cattle and they had many fond memories of showing together.  He knew the cattle business well and kept busy in that department even after graduating from 4-H.  As a Washington County Fair Board member, he helped in the show ring at all the beef shows, set up the barns, and even slept in the barns overnight during his 33 years on the board. 

He and his wife travelled to over 60 of Iowa’s county fairs because he loved to see what other county fairs were doing and what he could bring back to Washington County.  He always enjoyed attending the annual Fair Board meeting. 

After 33 years of service to the Washington County Fair Board, health issues forced him to retire.  His wife remembered how it broke his heart. It was the hardest thing for him to give up.  He enjoyed everything about young people and fairs. 

He was honored to receive a plaque from the Washington County Fair Board when he retired and it is proudly displayed in his home.  

His wife, Susan, was sure Robert had been to every Washington County Fair for almost 70 years until he was unable to attend.  He was proud to be a 4-H and FFA member and a fair board member for 33 years.    

2014 Warren County - Jason and Kim DeLay

Posted on 08/18/2014 at 10:36 AM

Jason and Kim DeLay live in Milo and have become very involved in the 4-H program.  When asked why they volunteer Kim responded, “We volunteer for  4-H because it is a great program.  4-H teaches kids lifelong skills and responsibility.  It has helped me become the person I am today.”

Kim became a member of the Virginia Boosters 4-H Club when she was 10 years old and participated until she graduated.  While in 4-H, she was a member of Senior 4-H.  While in 4-H, Kim participated in food and nutrition, sewing, home improvement, educational presentations, and showed beef.

Jason chose to be in FFA. However, he has become very active and knowledgeable in 4-H since their oldest son, Jake, joined 4-H in 2000.  Jason became a Shooting Sports Instructor in 2010, but stepped up as the Shooting Sports Coordinator in 2012. Jason also has been a member of the Warren County Extension Council for 10 years and has served as Extension Council Chair for about half of that time!

Kim became a 4-H volunteer, including joining the youth committee in 2000.  She started helping with the senior 4-H group in 2007. Kim has since accepted the Youth Committee Chair position in 2012.  Currently, Kim is the co-leader of Belmont Badgers, Youth Committee Chair, and a senior 4-H co-leader.

Kim and Jason became 4-H leaders of the Belmont Badgers in 2004.

Kim is a very positive team player and steps up to the needs of groups she works with. Kim is able to see the potential in others and is very organized. 

Jason is an activator, a maximizer, and strategic individual.  Jason is also a great leader, communicator, and very connected to the community.

Jason and Kim DeLay have given considerable time and energy to the Warren County 4-H program and it is truly appreciated.  Jason and Kim are examples of exceptional 4-H volunteers and 4-H family.  It is a privilege that Warren County 4-H recognizes Jason and Kim DeLay for all their hard work.

2014 Wapello County - Sue Wasson

Posted on 08/18/2014 at 10:34 AM

There are some people that want it to happen, some that wish it to happen, and others that make it happen.  That was Sue Wasson.  A dedicated mother, volunteer, employee, and leader.  Along with being the mother of two children,  Sue gave her all for the cause.  From 1982 - 1990 she was leader of the Wapello Well Doers which was the town girls club, and from 1984 – 1993 she was the leader of the Ottumwa Go Getters which was the town boys club.

Sue has shown her passion in other ways by joining the workforce.  She became an employee working as the 4H Youth Program Assistant in the Wapello County Extension Office from August 1995 to December 2012.  She also worked part time in the Monroe County Extension Office from January 2003 to December 2012.  Sue has judged at county fairs for almost a decade.  She also went above and beyond her county duties to give back to more than just Wapello County by working as the Child Development Superintendent at the Iowa State Fair for over a decade.

“Sue has a way of relating to children by bringing out their creative element.  She is an excellent organizer, and is always willing to help and does more than her share,” said Barb Anderson, Wapello County Extension Nutrition and Health Field Specialist III. 

Sue has since left her position with extension.  But her commitment to the youth of Wapello County has never wavered as she continues to volunteer countless hours with the 4H program. She is a loving mother and grandmother, and has continued the relationships that she has had with the youth and families she worked with in the past.

2014 Van Buren County - Norma Whitaker

Posted on 08/18/2014 at 10:33 AM

Norma Whitaker is a leader of the Jolly Trio 4-H Club in Van Buren County.  She has been a leader for the past 9 years.  She is dedicated to the success of the Van Buren County 4-H program.  Before becoming a leader she was a 4-H mom.  She is the mother of 5 children who all participated in the Van Buren County 4-H program. 

The Jolly Trio 4-H club is the largest club in the county and one of the most active.  Throughout the years she helped guide her members in community service projects, club activities, club meetings and encouraged her members to be involved beyond the county level.  Several of the members of her club contribute to several state events.  Currently she has a member who will be on State 4-H Council, several state fair exhibitors, several state awards applicants and a very active membership.

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