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Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2013 Wright County - Larry and Karla Pals

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Larry and Karla Pals live in Belmond and have been dedicated to the 4-H program for many years.
Karla grew up being an active member of the Bath Belles 4-H Club, taking many exhibits to the fair. Some of her memorable projects were the blue corduroy suit she made that had wooden buttons and the presentation “just a shade better” she did with her 4-H buddy on how to match hosiery to an outfit. 
Karla followed in her mother’s footsteps by not only being an active 4-H mom but also becoming a 4-H leader. She has been the leader of the Iowa Hawkeyes 4-H club since 2001. Karla is an actively involved leader providing the club members with great learning opportunities.
Larry was not involved in 4-H growing up, but became involved with the 4-H program when their three kids, Kristopher, Sara, and Dustin started participating. He helped them with all their livestock projects which included cattle, sheep, turkeys, and ducks. Along with being a busy 4-H parent, Larry has been an active member of the Wright county fair board since 2002.
Larry and Karla have seen firsthand the importance 4-H plays in the lives of the young people involved. This is why they continue to volunteer their time in Wright County as a leader and fair board member. They look at their involvement with the 4-H program not as something they have to do, rather something they “get to do”.



2013 Worth County - Florence Ferden

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Florence Ferden’s long time dedication to Worth County 4-H began as a young Home Economist in 1954 when she was hired to serve
families in Worth County.
Florence touched thousands of 4-H youth members with a wealth of information about food and nutrition, family living, consumer management, weight control, clothing selection, money management, food preservation, home repairs, stitchery, sewing, and crafts. She offered countless numbers of 4-H club leader trainings and workshops as well as providing education for a large number of Iowa State Fair winning 4-H demonstrations.
Florence and her husband Gene are proud parents of five children- Ann, Alan, Peter, Mary, and John who were active 4-H members. She was the driving force behind implementing the Worth County Fair 4-H T.A.P. (“Top Achievement in Projects”) award in the early '1980’s which is still going strong today offering an incentive for    4-Her’s exhibiting non-livestock projects.
Florence retired at the end of 1985 after 32 years of service to 4-H families and the citizens of Worth County. Her legacy lives on today through the parents, adults and 4-H leaders that are the youth volunteer force that are carrying on the strong 4-H tradition that Worth County 4-H enjoys.

Florence was recognized for her efforts by being named the coveted R.K Bliss State Extension award winner in 1979. Two years later in 1981 she was named as Worth County Extension Director and served in that role until her retirement.


2013 Woodbury County - Marilyn Joy Engle

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Marilyn Engle grew up in a farm family in southern Iowa and became a member of 4-H in the club led by her mother.  At Iowa State University she earned a degree in chemical engineering.  With her husband Richard she moved to Sioux City where she became active in the Woodbury County 4-H Program.  She started the Morningside Mini Maids 4-H Club where eventually her four daughters were members.  Marilyn nurtured and taught the girls in a way that they became expert seamstresses and enjoyed and excelled in food and nutrition projects.  She encouraged them to participate in demonstrations in the club setting and to later polish their education presentations on the county and state level.  Marilyn did this for her own daughters and for every youth in her 4-H club.
In addition to being a 4-H leader, Marilyn served on the county level in several volunteer positions.  In 1973 she became a member of the Extension Youth Committee.  In 1974 she helped organize the Woodbury County 4-H Sub Committee and was the first chair of the group.  The group was developed to keep consistency in the 4-H program, to encourage and help youth with their record books and to assist when applying for awards beyond the county level.  She also knew where to go in Sioux City for financial support of the 4-H program and found sponsors for many special project awards for outstanding record keeping.
Marilyn was a mentor for other 4-H leaders.  She was a 4-H clothing superintendent and later became overall 4-H building superintendent.  As superintendent she was responsible for assisting over 20 other 4-H department superintendents, organizing  judging day, and keeping track of over 3,000 4-H exhibits. 
Marilyn and her husband Richard opened their home to 4-H and other groups, where committees could meet and would also be given a tour of their home, designed by her daughter, Rebecca in the prairie style of Frank Lloyd Wright.

In recent years Marilyn hosted a tea for Nancy Franz, director of ISU Extension Families and 4-H.  Other “pioneers” of Woodbury 4-H were invited along with staff to discuss the new trends of Iowa State University Outreach & Extension including 4-H.  Marilyn is active in her church and has served in leadership roles on the local, district and state levels.


2013 Winneshiek County - Ann Moen

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Ann Moen began working for Iowa State University Extension in Winneshiek County in 1980 serving as an office assistant. She was instrumental in the production of materials for the county fair often working far into the night to make sure everything was ready. She was also good at calling and finding answers to people’s questions when they came into the Extension Office. Ann retired from ISU Extension-Winneshiek County in 2010. She also served as a 4-H leader for the Washington Prairie Peppers for over fifteen years.
Because of her dedication to 4-H, Ann has been recognized with several awards. At the county level, she received the Honorary 4-H Award and the Meritorious Service Award.
She has impacted the 4-H program and community in many ways. Ann was often the first person people saw when they walked in the door to the County Extension Office. Over the years, Ann has helped hundreds of 4-H youth and 4-H leaders by providing support with paperwork, resources, and questions.
As a 4-H leader, Ann volunteered countless hours to help the Washington Prairie Peppers. Ann guided many members through projects, presentations, and animal showing. Ann also served at the 4-H Restaurant during the fair, helped design and put together the booth and encouraged the members no matter how their exhibits were evaluated. Ann helped both of her children with whatever their projects were and was always there to say, “Good job”. Ann worked well with other leaders and made sure the meetings were both fun and full of learning experiences. 
Ann and her husband, Duane, live in Decorah and have both been great supporters of 4-H. They have two adult children: Ron (Kathy) and Wendy and three grandchildren: Abby, Morgan and Jonathan. Winneshiek County 4-H is very blessed to have Ann’s guidance and support for many years.



2013 Webster County - Dan and Lou Ann Garst

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Dan and Lou Ann Garst have been active with the Webster County 4-H program for over three decades.
They traveled to Washington D.C. together on the Citizenship-Washington Focus trip before they had children and their two daughters were in 4-H for nine years each.
Dan has been a leader with the Fort Dodge Falcons for over thirty years. Even though he was not in 4-H, when asked by Bruce Wilde, county agent, to be a
4-H leader, he agreed. That started Dan’s tenure with the 4-H program. Not only is he a club leader, but he has been instrumental in keeping the 4-H fair food stand going. He gives up his time monthly to get the food stand organized and brings back the supplies to his business every month. 
As a club leader, Dan continues to be innovative to keep the small club active. They try new speakers and always bring back the fun stuff.
A monthly commitment to the Webster County foodstand can be hard to handle but Dan works with 4-H to set prices, review the menu and give positive feedback on what the clientele wants. 
He will always help out the county program or a project area with their fundraisers. 
And you could not have Dan without the support of his wife Lou Ann. She always volunteered with their daughter’s 4-H club, has worked in the food stand and can be seen making dessert treats for the stand as well. 

This team has been a part of the Webster County 4-H program and is truly appreciated.


2013 Wayne County - Donna Morgan

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Donna Morgan’s interests in 4-H started on a school bus as a 10 year old. Another girl on the bus, Sue Baker, was a 4-H member and answered her questions about 4-H. After a lengthy campaign to gain her father’s permission, Donna joined the Decatur County Leroy Merry Makers 4-H Club.
Donna was a member of the Leroy Merry Makers 4-H Club through her first year at Simpson College. During her membership she was recognized for her projects and exhibits in gardening, food & nutrition, preparation & preserving, sewing & clothing review, home improvement, time & money management, conservation, painting, Iowa State Fair presentations, State 4-H Conference, and KISB 4-H Longtime Record Book Award.
During her college years (1967-71), Donna assisted a Warren County 4-H Club with their meetings on the Simpson College campus and was a summer program assistant at the Warren County Extension Office. She helped with radio programs, achievement shows, the Warren County Fair, and was a Madrid 4-H Camp Counselor.
She returned to 4-H in 1975 helping with Wayne County 4-H special projects. In 1976, she assisted the Corydon Clover Powerettes 4-H Club, later renamed Corydon Clover Power 4-H Club. She was their club leader from 1977 until 2001. In 1984, she received the Appreciation of Support & Leadership of 4-H Youth award in Wayne County. Additionally, she is the mother of two former Wayne County 4-H’ers.
Since 1988 she has been 4-H Program Assistant for Wayne and Appanoose County Extension Offices: 4-H School Enrichment Coordinator (recipient for the 2000 Friend of Education Award from Centerville Community Schools), Summer Day Camp Coordinator, Iowa Department of Public Health/Iowa State University Extension Pick A Better Snack & Activity Educator, and McNay Farms Day planner and presenter.

All of these contributions, because another 4-Her encouraged and inspired her to join 4-H when she was 10 years old.


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2013 Washington County - James Frier

Posted on 08/09/2013 at 9:07 AM


Jim Frier’s involvement with 4-H began as a 4-H’er in Grundy County. He showed Berkshire hogs and fed cattle. He was on the Livestock Judging Team for three years and his last year earned 2nd high honors in the state. He attended ISU and was a 4-H summer trainee in Greene County.   He worked for four years in Boone County as a 4-H/Youth assistant before moving to Washington County.
Jim served as the Washington County Extension Director from 1960-1992 – the longest term of any Extension Director in Washington County history.   It was during Jim’s tenure in the 1970’s that Washington County 4-H reached its highest membership at approximately 800 members. For a number of years their fair headquarters was half of a 10’ x 16’ building that they shared with the fair board. There was room for two people. Fair headquarters eventually moved to a historic schoolhouse on the grounds. The old mimeograph machine and typewriters were the big workhorses during that time. He remembered how excited they were to get their first IBM Selectric typewriter.
Many changes and many “firsts” occurred during Jim’s Extension career. Washington County became an early leader in the adoption of conservation tillage and no-till corn and beans. Many twilight tours were held to demonstrate successful practices.    The first year a three-day farm management short course was conducted where 65 farmers studied principles and use of management tools. Jim’s goal was to offer a major program for each livestock species each year. He remembers with pride the early feedlot tours where 150 cattlemen travelled to 3 or 4 feedlots and shared ideas and practices and learned from specialists from Ames.
Many ag and horticulture programs were offered, but Jim also saw to it that home economics and families programs and 4-H youth development were strong. The first Master Gardener group in Washington County was trained during Jim’s career. The group remains strong and several from the original class are still active members.
There were also many new 4-H programs started including: horse trail performance class, bucket bottle calf project, carcass evaluation for beef and swine, the rooster crowing contest, and special project meetings. A new show barn, new hog barn, and new horse barn were built. He remembers the great leadership throughout the livestock departments and noted several generations later many of the same families are still proudly involved in 4-H. He remembers 3 and 4 day summer camps at Lake Darling for 120 – 140 kids and marvels at how they got it done.
Jim’s efforts set the stage for current Washington County programs which remain strong today based on the solid foundation Jim helped build. Washington County’s rich history of Extension and 4-H can be traced back to Jim Frier.  
Jim judged at county fairs in southeast Iowa for about eight years. Jim especially liked projects where communication was involved. He felt showmanship was one of the most important aspects of the livestock shows. “Youth become responsible for the care of an animal and learn responsibility. In non-livestock areas youth have to look at their desire to learn a skill to the best of their ability,” Jim shared.
Jim sums it up by saying, “I loved my years in Extension. I had a lot of good experiences. I tell my kids and grandkids my hope for you is that you have a job you like as much as I loved mine.”


2013 Warren County - Monty Freeman

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Monty Freeman of Warren County was a member of the Belmont Go-Getters 4-H Club from age 9 until he graduated from high school in 1976. During that time he showed Charolais cattle raised on his family farm, as well as sheep, at the county and state fair. He participated in the annual Junior Charolais Field Day, was a member of 4-H County Council/Sr. 4H, and was also a member of the American International Junior Charolais Association and held the office of president.
At Northwest Missouri State University, Monty was in Ag Club and in the honorary agriculture fraternities DTA and ATA, graduating with a degree in education. Monty went on to teach Vocational Agriculture and was an FFA advisor at Oakland High School. He now teaches biology at Urbandale High School.
Monty and his wife, Lori were assistant leaders of the White Oak Climbers 4-H club for a number of years,and became leaders until their youngest daughter graduated in 2008. Their daughters took many exhibits to the 4-H building and showed dairy cows, bucket calves, sheep and pigs. Monty and Lori have many fond memories from those years.
Throughout the years Monty devoted much of his time to the youth of Warren County and Iowa. He volunteered at beef, sheep and hog weigh-ins, and with the 4-H Fair Auction, as well as the Buyer's Breakfast. He has worked at the Cattleman's Food Booth and the 4-H Food Stand, and chaperoned many club trips. He judges record books, is co-leader of Warren 4H County Council/Sr. 4H, and is on the 4-H Youth Committee. Fairgoers have seen him at the Mud Volleyball Tournament and Family Night, and he is one of the chaperones for the annual Junior Lock-in.
Through his years at the Iowa State Fair he has helped judge FFA Sheep Showmanship, volunteered at the Pigeon Show, and every year on Warren County night you will find him working in the order window at the Beef Quarters.
Monty finds it easy to give time and service to such a valuable organization which builds our youth in so many positive ways. He feels that 4-H is a significant asset in helping guide our young people to become solid citizens, and hopes the 4-H program continues to be available to youth for a long time to come.



2013 Wapello County - Doug Glosser

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Doug Glosser has served as a 4-H leader and supporter for many years. In fact, Mr. Glosser was the founder of the Cornhuskers 4-H club, which is still active today. He spent countless hours mentoring young 4-H members who looked up to him. He and his wife instilled the 4-H values into their four children as they grew up in the 4-H program to become future leaders and community members. His contribution to 4-H is still strong today because of his impact on young lives to make the best better.
One of the areas Mr. Glosser was most active with was the sheep and goat projects. He conducted many clinics throughout his 4-H career and has also served as a judge in many livestock areas. Today he holds the title as Superintendent for the Meat Goat project.
Doug was always an encouraging leader, challenging many
4-Hers, to step out of their comfort zone, to try a new project. He and his wife, Ronda, donated several live animals, such as lambs and puppies, to be given away to a deserving 4-Her through essay competitions.

Doug was always available to lend a hand to help in anyway during 4-H events. Doug continues to donate time to 4-H events when he is not busy judging Meat Goat Shows across the nation.


2013 Van Buren County - Kenneth Gilchrist

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In 1972 Kenneth Gilchrist started a boys’ 4-H club in the Douds area, which was named the Douds Livewires with 10 boys joining that first year. The year before this club began, only one animal had been entered in the Van Buren County fair from the area and that was from the girls’ club. Eventually, there were 35 head of cattle entered from the two clubs.
Besides working with the boys and girls on their cattle projects, Kenny met with members of the two clubs interested in horse projects. Every Wednesday evening they worked on the fundamentals of 4-H horse events. Three of the club members achieved top horse honors at the Van Buren County Fair that year.
The Gilchrist’s two children were both in 4-H showing both cattle & horses. Their son was recognized with the “Outstanding 4-H Boy” award in 1981. He showed Red Angus cattle at the Iowa State Fair.  He is still interested in 4-H and sponsors trophies. He is an auctioneer, and helps with the county 4-H livestock auction. Their daughter had exhibits selected for the Iowa State Fair. It was a family affair, with parents helping the kids get their exhibits ready for the county fair. The week of the fair they stayed the whole week in their camper. They were there for them and encouraged them in all that they did.
Kenny was on the Van Buren County Fair Board serving as president for three years. He also served as cattle superintendent and was on the Extension Council from 1977-1980 and served as president. 
More recently in 2003, Kenny and his wife were a part of the group that started the Iowa Meat Goat Association.   He was on the board of this organization for 6 years. During this time, through the influence of the IMGA, the Iowa State Fair Board decided to allow meat goats to be shown, but were placed on probation. Since that first year of allowing meat goats into the show ring at the Iowa State Fair, its popularity has grown. It now includes many of these animals, mostly the Boer goat breed, being shown by 4-H and FFA clubs and is now regarded as an important entity to the fair. He helped introduce the showing of Boer goats at the Van Buren County Fair.
Besides the learning experiences for the boys & girls, we also had fun. One year at the 4-H sale the auctioneer knocked off 14 rabbits to Kenny. This got a big laugh from the crowd. After the sale, a 4-H girl wanted to buy one of the rabbits. Rather than selling one he gave her one. Other 4-H kids wanted a rabbit so Kenny continued to hand them out. He also sponsored a rabbit trophy at the recognition event. It stood a foot higher than other trophies. The next year there were so many rabbits entered, additional cages were needed.



After starting the 4-H club in 1972, Kenny remained as 4-H leader until 1980. After 41 years, the Douds Livewire 4-H Club is still going strong impacting the community by the ideals which it teaches. Kenny and his family are thankful for the opportunities 4-H provided

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