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Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2012 Audubon County- Dianna Peterson

Posted on 07/31/2012 at 10:38 AM

As told by her daughter:

For as long as I can remember, Dianna has been a huge part of Audubon County 4-H.  She was a member of the Cameron Future Homemakers.  It was very important to her that I become part of the 4-H family, also.  At this time, our group was the Lucky Lincolns.  She always volunteered to help supporting me in every step of my 4-H journey and soon was a club leader.
She thoroughly enjoyed being “hands on” and involved with club projects, judging at the fair and pushing us to go above and beyond.  She always encouraged her girls to sign up for extra activities during fair like Decorator’s Showcase, Fashion Designers Showcase, etc. as we should be doing something constructive with our time while on the fairgrounds!
Over the years, Dianna’s main focus was to teach skills that would last a lifetime.  She taught us goal setting and follow through were a large part of life, not just to be put on a piece of paper for our 4-H record books.  We didn’t just go on field trips and visit places but we also got our hands dirty and learned about processes and why things are the way they are.  We learned how to do things for ourselves and to use knowledge to help others. 
She also focused on community service…the Lucky Lincolns 4-H club wasn’t just a club that met once a month, but a club people knew, respected and trusted.  Some of our community service projects included monthly senior meals for the over 60 crowd around, playground clean-up for the Gray Community Betterment Corp. and visiting the residents of our local nursing home. For years, the club had a team for Relay for Life supporting the American Cancer Society.  One of the biggest projects was the undertaking of clean-up and beautification of 3 of our local rural cemeteries. It was quite the extended project receiving much publicity, pride and thanks from the community. 
Dianna made an incredible impact on dozens of young girls.  She also made an incredible impact on Audubon County 4-H in general.  She saw many girls succeed in their 4-H careers and in life after graduation. She was always proud of us as individuals and as a club. She encouraged, assisted, taught, disciplined and loved each of us.  She was like a mother to every girl and still continues to be in contact with many of them. The Lucky Lincolns wouldn’t have been such a strong force if it hadn’t been for her.  We were all truly “Lucky”!


2012 Wayne County- Rhonda Mason

Posted on 07/30/2012 at 11:06 AM
Rhonda began her involvement in 4-H as a 9 year member of the Washington Willing Workers and Union Hotshots 4-H clubs.  She exhibited both projects in the exhibit building as well as livestock, including showing her dog at the state fair. 
She was club leader of the Washington Willing Workers for 17 years, from 1985-2001, and often gave kids rides to the meetings.  She helped kids train their dogs for fair as the dog project leader for 15 years (1989-2003).  Several years Rhonda also helped transport Wayne Counties exhibits to and from the Iowa State Fair.  She has been an Exhibit Building Superintendent for about 20 years and still continues this today, helping the judges and arranging the exhibits after judging. 
Rhonda Mason and her husband, Richard live in rural Corydon where they raised children, Amanda and Andrew who were also active members of 4-H.  She has a granddaughter, Haley, who will surely be active in 4-H when she gets old enough.  Rhonda has never missed a Wayne County Fair or Iowa State Fair, and it has always been "a family affair". 

It is our pleasure to announce Rhonda Mason as this year's inductee into the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame from Wayne County. 

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2012 Louisa County- Robert & Marillyn Schlutz

Posted on 07/30/2012 at 11:01 AM

This year’s inductees to the 4-H Hall of fame from Louisa County are in what they describe as their “giving back” phase. 

Robert Schlutz and Marillyn Furnas were born and raised on farms in Louisa and Muscatine Counties, respectively.  They had both been in 4-H since 4th grade and found they had a lot in common when they met and started dating while still in high school.  Before long they married, started operating a farm together, raised Angus Beef, started other businesses, got involved in their community and started a family.
As you might expect, as lifetime 4-Her’s, they got their children involved in 4-H and become 4-H leaders themselves.  That legacy of 4-H involvement continues today as their grandchildren are leaders and their great-grandchildren are 4-H members. 
But they got even more involved than at the club level – helping to build the Beef Barn on the Fairgrounds, working together to promote the county as a tourist destination; becoming supporters of the Louisa County Fair, and becoming volunteers at the Iowa State Fair.  Thru the years their record as volunteers in 4-H and the fair, their church, school and community has grown – and it’s a record that would be hard for any couple to beat.  But for Bob and Marillyn, that was not enough.
In recent years Bob and Marillyn have started “giving back” to the community that nurtured them as they grew up, married and built a life.  This year they started a capital campaign for a new Youth Building on the grounds of the Louisa County Fair – a building that will stand as a testament to their belief that your own community is the place to make your mark and their belief that 4-H is the place they learned the life lessons that helped them succeed.  They have also been outstanding contributors to the Louisa County and Iowa 4-H Foundations as well as other worthy projects.
Bob and Marillyn Schlutz truly believe that you should “pledge your hands to larger service” and they work to show that in the way they now “give back” to the 4-H program, to Louisa County and to the State of Iowa.  The Louisa County Council for ISU Extension & Outreach is proud to nominate Robert and Marillyn Schlutz as our 2012 nominees for the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame.


2012 Floyd County- Maurice Johnson

Posted on 07/30/2012 at 10:45 AM

For 25 years, Maurice Johnson of Floyd, Iowa, has been an enthusiastic and engaged volunteer for the Floyd County 4-H Program.

Maurice served as the club leader for the Floyd Farmers Club from 1988-1998. After his sons graduated from high school, he continued to help young people in the area with their projects and enjoyed providing kids with feeder pigs from his farm.
For many years he has been the announcer and master of ceremonies for the Floyd County livestock shows, fair queen contest, and the clerk for the 4-H and FFA auctions.
Maurice farms with his wife Pam and two sons: Ben and his wife Amy and their two sons, Jackson and Riley; and Andy and his wife Abbie. 


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2012 Allamakee County- Dale and Karen Green

Posted on 07/30/2012 at 10:37 AM

The Allamakee County 4-H & Youth Committee is proud to recognize Dale and Karen Green as the 2012 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame inductees.

Dale became a member of the Bloomfield Jr. Farmers in 1956.  Karen was not a member of 4-H growing up, but all five of their daughters were. This means Dale and Karen were 4-H parents for over 20 years.
Long before Dale’s girls were in 4-H, he was sharing his passion for evaluating livestock by organizing livestock judging contests and helping with weigh-ins.  As with many families, the county and district fairs became the center of the summer activities.  Even though “the Green girls” showed beef, sheep, horses, rabbits, and even dairy there was always time for Dale and Karen to help others.  Dale could be found in the beef or sheep barn talking to an exhibitor or parent about a project.  He was always ready to give a little guidance whenever needed. 
Dale and Karen are members of the Big 4 Fairboard.  Dale is a past president of the Big 4 Fairboard and serves as beef and sheep superintendent.
Karen was the owner of a trophy and award business for 20 years.  She made the trophies for many area county fairs and district shows.  She always insured no matter how last-minute the order was; the trophy would be there to be given out because she knew how important it was to the youth.
The Green family 4-H tradition continues today as Dale and Karen share in their grandchildren’s 4-H experiences.


2012 Clarke County- Bill Short

Posted on 07/26/2012 at 1:43 PM

Having grown up in Dallas County, Bill Short was a part of an active 4-H family.  He and his sisters raised hogs and exhibited them at the county and state levels.  As a youth, he served as the county’s 4-H president, and that passion for 4-H only continued throughout his life.

Bill began his career the Iowa State University Extension as the Jasper County Extension Associate.  He was Clarke County Extension Director for two years, then became a 4-H Youth Associate for Clarke, Decatur and Ringgold counties.  The majority of his career was spent in charge of 4-H and Youth Programs in eight southwestern counties until his retirement in 1986.
Bill always looked forward to working with youth.  He spent countless hours guiding 4-H’ers in planning and carrying out their projects goals, preparing exhibits for fairs, and chaperoning various 4-H trips.  He loved planning and carrying out the summer and winter 4-H camp programs at the State 4-H campgrounds.  He was a judge at numerous county fairs and served as the  State Fair 4-H sheep superintendent many years.  He introduced interstate 4-H exchange trips and organized an area 4-H Youth Council.  He has accompanied 4-H youth to Ak-Sar-Ben, the American Royal, exchange trips, National 4-H Congress as well as conferences at the National 4-H Center.
Being active in the community he served on the Clarke Community school Board, the Osceola Parks and Rec Board, the foundation and Administrative Council Boards of the United Methodist Church and the Osceola County Club Board.  Bill has been a 4-H leader, Little League softball and baseball coach, a member of the Clarke Area Arts Council and the American Legion.  The Iowa Blood Center recognized Bill as a 10 gallon blood donor.
Bill spends time attending his grandchildren’s activities, watching sports, wood refinishing and collecting antiques.  He is a regular volunteer at CROSS Ministries, a Christian-based organization whose purpose is to recover medical supplies and equipment to transport to developing countries throughout the world.  This work has given bill much satisfaction and fulfillment in his retirement.


2012 Lucas County- Paul & Betty Umbenhower

Posted on 07/24/2012 at 11:09 AM

Paul and Betty Umbenhower have contributed to the local 4-H program throughout their lives but more so after their children started in 4-H.  During their children’s 4-H years they could be found helping with club functions and projects around the fairgrounds

For many years, Paul and Betty have supported the 4-H sale through their business, Chariton Feed and Grain.  The Umbenhowers opened Chariton Feed and Grain in 1969 and still offer bag feed, seed and miscellaneous business. 
Paul served on the local fair board and announced the county swine show for many years.  In addition, Paul and Betty are always more than happy to help wherever needed. 
In recent years, the Umbenhowers could be found watching their grandchildren participate in the 4-H program and hopefully in the future their great-grandchildren will have the opportunity to also participate.
In 2010, Paul and Betty were awarded the Fair Board Volunteer Award for their contributions to the 4-H program.


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2012 Ringgold County- Alan Smith

Posted on 07/24/2012 at 11:09 AM
Alan Smith has supported 4H his entire life—even by going with his mother who was an Extension Home Economist.  Alan lived in a multitude of states always understanding the importance of 4H in his life, as well as others.
In Ringgold County, Alan is the owner and publisher of the Mount Ayr Record News.  His coverage of 4H is continual.  Rarely does one find the weekly edition of his paper without a 4H article or something from Extension featured.  His coverage is unbiased, timely, informative, and interesting reading.  His support of youth who write 4H news is exceptional.  Alan has employed 4H members to help with the annual fair edition of the Record News where photos of approximately 50 youth are featured showing their 4H exhibit. Every 4H exhibitor has pride in knowing they have the spotlight in the 4H edition of the Record News.
Alan has covered 4H basketball tournaments, the mud pulls, day camps, 4H County Council events, award programs, and every event at the county fair.  This coverage has allowed those who want to know more about 4H and kept up to date with the youth activities to read about it and to view photos. 

The hours Alan Smith has dedicated to 4H throughout the years is phenomenal, always putting 4H members at the top of the to-do list.



2012 Wright County- Shirley Lager

Posted on 07/24/2012 at 11:08 AM
Shirley Lager joined 4-H when she was 10 years old. At that time the kids could enroll in three project areas: food and nutrition, clothing and home improvement.  Every month they met at someone’s home for a meeting and demonstration.
Shirley did lots of cooking and sewing. One of her favorite things was playing the piano for the 4-H chorus and for the Fun Nite skits. She loved “Rally Days” when the Clarion school gym was full of kids as there were 16 clubs in the county back then.
She married the Fun Nite king and they had 6 daughters who were all in 4-H. She was a leader for the Lincoln Lassies League for 25 years. She helped with workshops, bake sales, gone to camps and on trips, donated to 4-H 400 and helped all her girls with projects and now is helping her grandchildren with projects.
She continues to attend several 4-H events and still is the number one helper along with her husband Johnny at the 4-H food stand at the Wright County Fair.


2012 Winneshiek County- Steven & Donella Darrington

Posted on 07/24/2012 at 11:07 AM
Steven and Donella Darrington have been a deep history with the 4-H program in Winneshiek County.
They both impacted the 4-H program in many ways. At the club level, they have been 4-H leaders of the Hesper Helpers 4-H Club for 22 years.
Steve and Donella are 2 of only 3 people in Winneshiek County that are certified to retinal image animals for entry to the Iowa State Fair. They have chaperoned 4-H camps, led 4-H workshops, worked countless hours at many 4-H events including working as employees and volunteering for the Winneshiek County Fair and Iowa State Fair.
Steve and Donella were 2 of the founders and original members of the Winneshiek County 4-H Foundation. They have been very instrumental in growing the endowment for our county 4-H program.
Donella worked for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach – Winneshiek County until her retirement in July 2011. She served as the County 4-H and Youth Coordinator and most recently as the 4-H Office Assistant during her 18 year career with ISU Extension.
Steve and Donella live and farm in rural Decorah where they work together running their business, Agmerica Northeast LLC. Steven and Donella have three children, Andrew, Melissa and Patrick who all have families.

Winneshiek County Extension and the 4-H program have been blessed with their support and financial contributions for many years. Congratulations to Steven and Donella Darrington.  

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