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Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2011 Calhoun County - Randy & Cindy Souder

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:15 PM

2011 Calhoun CountyRandy and Cindy Souder have been active volunteers in 4-H for many years.  Randy served one term on the Calhoun County Extension Council as president, has been a chaperone for the State 4-H Youth Conference for more than 8 years and judges at several county fairs and at the Iowa State Fair too.

Cindy worked at the Extension office for 13 years and was a leader for the Garfield Gleamers 4-H club for 15 years. 

Both Randy and Cindy have lead several project workshops and have been mentors to individual 4-H members.  They assisted with achievement shows, record book judging, comment writing during fair, and many other 4-H events. 

2011 Carroll County - Franklin & Arlene Mohr

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:14 PM

2011 Carroll CountyThe Mohr Family is a remarkable 4-H family.  Franklin and Arlene Mohr started being involved in 4-H when their 2 oldest children were old enough to join. Arlene became a leader of the Manning Cadets while Franklin became a leader of the Manning Win or Grin.  Each of them spent endless hours helping their children as well as other 4-Hers with 4-H projects, record books, demonstrations, and breaking & grooming animals for fair. 

Franklin and Arlene have 9 children, all being involved in 4-H - Steven, Deborah, Michael, Daniel, Rebecca, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, and Michelle.  Between these 9 children, Frank and Arlene would help them exhibit at the Carroll County Fair, Crawford County Fair, Clay County Fair, 4 County Fair, Iowa State Fair, Ak-Sar-Ben, Kansas City Royal and Louisville, Kentucky.  All their children have won many awards through 4-H.  Franklin and Arlene also had the privilege of having their daughters, Deborah and Rebecca, chosen for Iowa Ak-Sar-Ben Queens, Ak-Sar-Ben District Dairy Princesses, and Rebecca as Iowa Dairy Princess. 

Frank always said, “If we have it on the farm, we will show it at the fair.”  Frank and Arlene’s family showed a variety of animals including beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, hogs, sheep, rabbits, chickens and goats.  Recently, Franklin has served as superintendent of the Dairy Cattle Show, Horse Show and Rabbit Show.

Arlene has been a big supporter of static exhibits at the fair.  She made sure all of her children knew how to cook and sew. She loved to help other 4-Hers learned to do the same things. She still helps as a static exhibit comment writer for the Carroll County Fair.

Frank and Arlene are still leaders today of the Manning Win or Grin with their 2 oldest daughters, Deborah and Rebecca. To date, besides having all nine children involved in 4-H, they have had 14 of their 33 grand-children involved in the Carroll County 4-H program.

Franklin and Arlene have always extended their kindness and heart for 4-H to those beyond their family.  They are always ready to greet you with a kiss on the cheek and a hug making EVERYONE feel like part of the family.  Their time and dedication to the 4-H program has been much appreciated. 

Their family is honored to have had such great parents that allowed them to be so involved in
4-H from the county and state levels to attending the 4-H Citizenship trip to Washington D.C.

Franklin and Arlene are also involved in their church as they have served as Sunday School teachers, Bible School teachers, Church Elder and Evening Circle President.

2011 Cass County - Dean & Virginia Eilts

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:13 PM

2011 Cass CountyDean Eilts began his volunteer career for Cass County years ago and 2010 marked his 55th fair, with plans to continue for years to come.

His wife Virginia helped clerk the Cass County Fair Sale in 1973; then took over as sale clerk in 1974.  She retired 30 years later after the 2004 sale.

The couple had fun watching 4-H kids grow and mature over the years…most of them they only saw once a year at the county fair, so enjoyed seeing how some kids shot up in height from year to year.  Then as the years passed, they watched THEIR kids coming to the fair and bringing their livestock exhibits through the fair sale.  In fact, Dean has sold livestock for three generations during his 55 years on the fair sale auction block.

Dean served as a 4-H leader when their 2 sons were in 4-H.  They always had calves for the fair and on weigh-in morning, the family had to get up bright & early so they could be FIRST in line to weigh in!    Getting the calves ready to show was a family affair, too.

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2011 Cedar County - Ken Schmidt

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:12 PM

2011 Cedar CountyKen Schmidt is someone who always has a smile on his face.  Even if things are not going well you can still find him with a little smile. 

Ken has been involved with 4-H through his experience as a youth member and when his children were involved.  Ken continues to be an advocate for youth through his involvement on the Cedar County Fair Board.  During this opportunity he has always had a focus on youth and what would make their participation at the fair a positive experience. 

Ken will listen to new ideas and look at ways to make them work. He has spent numerous hours working behind the scene on buildings and grounds improvements which will benefit youth.  Ken does not expect recognition for his efforts. 

Ken is helping make the best better.  Well Done Ken!


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2011 Cerro Gordo County - Dean Weber

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:11 PM

2011 Cerro Gordo CountyDean Weber has dedicated his professional and personal life to empowering youth.  By encouraging the best in youth and providing opportunities for self-directed learning for over 40 years, Dean served the 4-H youth development organization in a variety of capacities, as a 4-H club volunteer for the Geneseo Haymakers/Rockwell Rough Riders, North Iowa Fair Swine Superintendent, Iowa State Fair Dairy Show Superintendent, Livestock & Horticulture Judge at County Fairs and encouragement to 4-H youth staff in Cerro Gordo County.  Dean inspires 4-H youth to love learning, challenges 4-H youth to set learning goals, enables and supports 4-H Youth in their plans to achieve goals, holds them accountable to working towards those goals, and celebrates and appreciates 4-H Youth in what they have accomplished.

Dean embodies the essential elements of the 4-H Youth Development experience – being that caring adult who provides constructive learning and leadership opportunities in generous service to his family and community.
Dean has demonstrated the fortitude, steadfastness and commitment needed to bring positive change to existing realities in the lives of 4-H youth.

Now as a 4-H grandparent, Dean continues a legacy of empowering 4-H youth in animal and horticultural projects, even donating his own property and facilities in order to enable 4-H youth who do not have the opportunity to raise them on their own.  Dean has and continues to enable 4-H project possibilities to become 4-H project realities.

2011 Cherokee County - Sally Wilkie

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:08 PM

2011 Cherokee CountySally Wilkie is one of Cherokee County’s brightest shining 4-H volunteers.  She received the “Leader of the Year” recognition in 1996 and again in 2003.

She was the leader of the Mill Creek Valley 4-H Club 21 years. She stresses to the club members the importance of citizenship and getting involved in community service activities.  Some of the community service projects planned and implemented by the club include:  helping local veterans at Veteran’s Appreciation Day by setting up the “Vietnam Vet’s Moving Wall”, putting up flags for the Memorial Day observance at local cemeteries, Adopt-a-Highway and helping with the historic Cherokee Depot project.

Sally was a member of the County Youth Committee 9 years.  She was instrumental in helping with the Bucket/Bottle Calf show.  In addition, her family invites younger brothers and sisters of 4-H’ers to come to their dairy farm to work with the younger calves.  She also wrote a grant to renovate one of the 4-H buildings at the fair grounds.

She and her husband have raised 3 boys, also 4-Her’s, and now ready to welcome grandchildren into her club.

Sally Wilkie is a HUGE 4-H program supporter, ready to help where help is needed.


2011 Chickasaw County - Calvin & Nancy Poppe

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:06 PM

2011 Chickasaw CountyCalvin, a native of Chickasaw County and Nancy, a native of Hamilton County were 4-H members in the 60’s.  They were both active members during this time with Calvin having dairy heifers and enjoyed 4-H softball.  Nancy focused on the non-livestock projects.  She gave presentations at the county level with one advancing to the State Fair. She also served on the County Council.

Calvin and Nancy met on the ISU Campus during a 4-H event.  The couple’s sons were all 4-H members in Chickasaw County and received a lot of support from their parents.  Nancy has also served on the Youth Committee and is currently a Superintendent during the Chickasaw County Achievement Show.

2011 Clay County - Tom Manley

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:05 PM

2011 Clay CountyTom Manley has been a dedicated Clay County 4-H volunteer and advocate for over 20 years.  He has readily endorsed the local program and exhibited the values of the 4-H program as a member of the Clay County Community.  

As a volunteer, Tom has been dependable to help with the 4-H/FFA District Beef show, or with weigh-ins for swine or beef.  He models, for the members, a dedication to community service and life-long learning by giving his time to many ISU Extension and community programs and groups involving  agriculture, such as the Clay County Cattlemen, Ag-Citing and the Ag Learning Center. 

By serving the community through work with numerous service groups and committees, and leading program and partnering efforts that impact the quality of life for Clay County residents and businesses, he serves as a great example for 4-H youth in our area. 

As an advocate for the 4-H program and through his work on the Blue Ribbon Committee and Auction Committee, Tom has worked to enhance the acknowledgment that goes towards the 4-H members, to encourage them to continue reaching higher with their life goals and to achieve their full potential in everything that they do. 

It is with great pride that we recognize Tom Manley as the 2011 4-H Hall of Fame selection from Clay County!

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2011 Clayton County - Larry Landsgard

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:04 PM

2011 Clayton CountyLarry Landsgard is an advocate for young people to become involved in 4-H and other youth organizations.  Growing up Larry was not a member of 4-H, but over the last 38 years has become very involved. Larry started out by helping with the county fair horse show in in 1973.  He soon became the county horse project leader and for 30 years held clinics in showmanship, halter, clipping, confirmation, riding and tack adjusting and cleaning. When Larry first started helping with the horse show not many horses were exhibited. With Larry’s guidance and encouragement the show grew. At its largest numbers, the show had over 150 horses entered.

Larry farms near the tiny village of Gunder in Clayton County.  The Lands-Brook dairy consists of 50 registered Holsteins, Milking Shorthorns and Ayrshires. Larry’s three nephews and niece were all 4-H members growing up and exhibited dairy cattle at the county, state and national levels. 

Currently Larry is one of the county’s dairy judging coaches and over the years has coached many winning teams.  Each summer Larry helps organize the weekly Wednesday night judging workouts at local dairy farms.

He is very active in the Holstein Association and other dairy organizations. He is a member of the county, state and national Holstein Association where he has held numerous leadership positions. Larry has served as the chair of the Junior Holstein Advisory Committee twice.   He is a charter member of the Clayton County Dairy Promotion Committee and is currently serving as president. Larry has served as a board member and president of the Clayton County D.H.I.A. Board.  He is also a member of the Northeast Iowa Dairy Foundation.

Larry is an active member of the Marion Lutheran Church in Gunder, where he is currently serving as council president. He is also active in the church choir.

Many people enjoy Larry’s company as he has a wealth of Holstein cattle information, local history and dairy trivia. He livens up any conservation or road trip with his knowledge.  He is a friend to everyone and seems to know people wherever he goes.

2011 Clinton County - Joanne Guise

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:04 PM

2011 Clinton CountyJoanne (Goodall) Guise from Delmar has a long history with Clinton County 4-H.  She has been involved in some aspect of 4-H for over 65 years.
As a member of the Delmar Hot Shots 4-H Club from 1945-1951, Joanne spent time in the ring showing cattle.  Little did she know that she would become a girls 4-H leader for the Delmar Debettes 4-H Club when her daughter joined 4-H in the late 1960's.  During the 1960's, 1970's and early 1980's, she was not only a leader, but a 4-H mom to her four children who each spent the full 9-10 years in 4-H.
In the early 1970's, Joanne became very interested in the county communication program and served as the committee chair for almost 20 years.  Her own children were active in the program, but she was instrumental in encouraging many of her young 4-H members to do what was then called "a presentation".  She was noted for taking all of her 4-H members to the "presentation day" so they could watch all of them to get ideas to participate the next year.  She was willing to help the program evolve from just presentations, to educational presentations, working exhibits and a extemporaneous speaking over the span of the last 40 years.  She continues to be on the committee and hopes to continue to make improvements.
As a member of the County Youth Committee for the past five years, Joanne enjoys working with the extension staff and helping with the working exhibits at the fair and in the food stand each summer.  She is presently the chair of the Recognition committee and is instrumental in projects such as recognizing volunteer leaders, selecting the non-livestock top exhibitors at the fair and organizing the fall Recognition Banquet in November.
She has had the opportunity to help her 3 her grandchildren with their 4-H projects in this county and still can be seen helping with communication projects, working in the food stand and watching her grandson show cattle in the beef arena.  It was not unusual to see her supporting them even when they were showing static exhibits or communication exhibits at the state fair.  As a Hall of Fame Inductee, Joanne deserves the recognition for her 65+ years of being directly involved in the Clinton County 4-H program.

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