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Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2011 Adair County - Rolan & Marilyn Jensen

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:24 PM

2011 Adair CountyMarilyn (Lovely) and Rolan Jensen of Fontanelle have supported 4-H in many ways from serving as club leaders to volunteering countless hours at the fair. Marilyn joined the Orient Rural Queens 4-H Club as a girl.  Some of the highlights of her 4-H career included serving as president of her 4-H club, being a delegate to the State 4-H Girls Convention and giving the top senior demonstration in the county, From Tree to Cloth.

Although never a 4-H’er himself, Rolan became a program volunteer when their children, Melinda, Melea, and Blake joined 4-H. Both Rolan and Marilyn served as club leaders. County fair is one of their passions. Rolan served on the Adair County Fair Board for 20 years including an 8 year stint as president. He encouraged youth to take on leadership roles and help make improvements in the facilities and the program.  A great team, Marilyn and Rolan worked side-by-side to ensure the best fair possible for 4-H members.  Marilyn can still be found in the 4-H and FFA Center putting her design skills to work in creating an attractive State Fair 4-H exhibit display. 

One of the Jensens’ most important contributions to the 4-H program is their belief that all youth have something valuable to contribute. Marilyn and Rolan have been there to encourage countless 4-H’ers to “make the best better.”

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2011 Adams County - Joyce James

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:23 PM

2011 Adams CountyJoyce James of Prescott has been involved with the 4-H program from an early age. Her parents, Herb and Mary Patience of Winterset, were 4-H members themselves and leaders for many years. Her older sister, Bev and brother Gary, were also 4-H members.  Joyce was a 9 year member of the Penn Gwens Girls 4-H Club in Madison County. Joyce had many beef, dog, food, clothing, home improvement, and entomology projects throughout her 4-H career. She made some of her own clothes and refinished several pieces of furniture. She was on the Youth Council for 2 years. She met her future husband, Doug James, at a 4-H camp in Madrid during her senior year and the rest is history!

She moved to Adams County with Doug after they got married and had 2 sons, Todd and Travis, who were 3rd generation 4-H’ers. She was a leader for 14 years for the Prescott 4-H Workers while the boys were members. She retired as a leader, or so she thought, in 2004!  When the Prescott 4-H Workers Club faced dissolving because of no leader, she emerged from retirement and become the leader once again in 2006 and is still in that volunteer role.

She is the chairperson of the Adams County 4-H Endowment Fund and started the annual golf tournament fundraiser for the endowment. She spent countless hours helping 4-H members with projects, exhibits, record books, and meetings. She is an advocate for the 4-H program and strives “to make the best better” in everything she does. She is looking forward to having 4th generation 4-H’ers with her grandsons, Ethan and Tyler.

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2011 Allamakee County - Patsy Kerndt

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:22 PM

2011 Allamakee CountyThe Allamakee County 4-H Youth Committee is proud to recognize Patsy Kerndt as the 2011 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame inductee from Lansing.  Patsy was selected for her outstanding service and dedication to the Allamakee County 4-H Program. 

Patsy has been a long time supporter of the Allamakee County 4-H Program.  Her 4-H involvement has spanned more than 34 years —  as a 4-H club leader, a member of the Youth Committee, and a 4-H exhibit judge. 

Patsy began her 4-H career when she became a leader of the Lycurgus Lassies 4-H Club in 1976.  “4-H is in the Kerndt DNA”, said Kris Fahey, County Youth Coordinator.  “Even though Patsy was not a 4-H member herself, she believed in the 4-H Program motto, To Make the Best Better and encouraged both of her children, Brad and Julie to enroll in 4-H.  The 4-H legacy continues with son, Brad, currently serving as an Assistant Dairy Superintendent.  Brad’s wife, Mary, also serves as an Assistant Dairy Superintendent and their children, Ben and Katie are active in 4-H as well. 

She currently owns and operates a 260 acre crop and dairy farm, yet she finds time to volunteer.  She exemplifies the community service spirit entrenched in the 4-H Program by being a positive role model to youth and adults alike by volunteering her time at the Allamakee County Food Shelf and VFW Legion Auxiliary. 

Patsy’s service to the 4-H Program emphasizes the mission of the 4-H Hall of Fame, for her dedication, encouragement, commitment, and guidance to the 4-H Program has enhanced many Allamakee County 4-H’ers lives.

2011 Appanoose County - Clarence Ballanger

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:21 PM

2011 Appanoose CountyClarence Ballanger has been actively involved in the Appanoose County community his entire life.  His main interest has always been in Appanoose County and the young people in the community.

Clarence and his son are directly involved in many of the surrounding 4-H fairs, by helping weigh, load, and sell the livestock. He is always willing to help kids with whatever needs to be done. At the end of the fair he sells the livestock and hauls all of the fat cattle to the slaughter house at his own cost. He believes these kids are the future of the farming operations in the surrounding counties and he tries to help them get started in their own farming operation.

He started his auctioneering career at the young age of 4 and is still currently involved in livestock auctions throughout our community and at the many surrounding county fairs.

He has worked at many sale barns in his life including Tubaugh Livestock Corporation, Albia sale barn, Colfax sale barn, Wapello sale barn, and is currently in ownership of Appanoose County Livestock, Inc. along with Josh Spencer and Dana Mathes.

He is a man we all know and love, a devoted husband for 47 years, a wonderful father to Tony, Tonya, and Teri, a proud grandfather to 6 fabulous grandchildren, and a friend to everyone he meets.  Appanoose County is pleased to have Clarence Ballanger in the Hall of Fame.

2011 Audubon County - Chris Jensen

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:21 PM

2011 Audubon CountyChris Jensen was never a 4-H’er as a youth, but has been a longtime supporter of both 4-H and ISU Extension. She truly believes in the 4-H motto “To make the best, better”, and has demonstrated that over the past 20 years.

She lived the 4-H experience through her daughters but was also active as a leader and volunteer.  From Discovery 4-H, to the Bill Riley Talent show, 4-H style show, ultimately leading the Audubon Peppy Pals from 1998 until 2003, she taught 4-H’ers the importance of being of service in one’s community.  And boy, did she teach by showing! Not only did she teach in the community, she taught in the schools and has been a strong advocate for 4-H to her 4th grade classes! 

For as long as she has been involved, Chris has been a staple at the Audubon County Fair. Chris is always around to help fill any gap that needs help!  You can find Chris working at the figure 8 races, in the fair board office, at the big wheel races, handing out ribbons, and helping run the rides, just to name a few.  Chris has always played a major part in the behind the scenes parts of fair as well, making sure that everything is up and running, ready for the next day.
Not only is Chris a vital part of the 4-H program, but she is a volunteer in her community as well.  Chris has taken a troupe of junior high and high school students to the Iowa Summit for Volunteerism, and helped develop the youth volunteer organization Audubon County Teens Volunteer. She works with Character Counts, is an active member of the Exira Lutheran Church, and is an officer of PEO chapter BJ.  She is willing to help plant flowers, just about anywhere!

Chris truly displays her 4 “H”’s everywhere she goes and has been and continues to be a strong advocate for the 4-H program.

2011 Black Hawk County - Dan & Nancy Schmitz

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:20 PM

2011 Black Hawk CountyNancy was raised on a farm in Black Hawk County.  She graduated from Waterloo Columbus High and Gates Business College.  Nancy was an 8-year member of the Mt. Vernon Pal 4-H Club, served on County 4-H Council and was a state fair exhibitor.  She has been a 4-H leader for over 40 years, and a Black Hawk County 4-H Alumni.  Nancy is a retired bookkeeper, involved in her church Rosary Society and Alumni Association. 

Dan is from Gilbertville, graduated from Don Bosco High.  He retired from John Deere Tractor works after 32 years. Is Youth Director for the Catholic Order of Foresters for 30 years.  He received the Black Hawk County 4-H Honorary Member Award.  He helps Iowa’s Bravest and elderly neighbors.

Dan and Nancy have 3 children all of whom have been 4-H members and are now helping get the 5 grandchildren involved in 4-H.  They are members of the Black Hawk County 4-H Century 4-H Family.  They are supporters of the Black Hawk County and Iowa 4-H Foundations.

For 16 years they were the chair for the Black Hawk County 4-H Omelet Breakfast Fundraiser, organizing omelet breakfast volunteers to help collect, donate, food, find table sponsors and celebrity cookers.  People to organize the dining room, kitchen, cooking area, organize clubs and families with schedules to work, cook, serve and clean up.  They reached the goal of serving over 1300 omelet breakfast for many of the 15 years.  The proceeds from the breakfast go to fund the Black Hawk County 4-H Program, 4-H project workshops, scholarships, new 4-H clubs and the Black Hawk County 4-H & FFA Fair.

They have been the recipients of the Waterloo Mayor’s Volunteer Award in 2001. Together they enjoy traveling and playing with their grandchildren.

2011 Boone County - Shelly Schall

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:19 PM

2011 Boone CountyShelly Schall grew up in Boone County and was a member of the Yell Modernattes 4-H Club.  Shelly became a 4-H volunteer when her daughters (Amanda and Megan) joined the Southside Pioneers 4-H Club.  Over the next 18 years, Shelly held many different volunteers roles. She was a leader of the Southside Pioneers 4-H Club for twelve years, helping 4-H’ers learn the Family Consumer Science project areas and after evaluating record books nominate members for county awards.  Shelly always encouraged 4-H’ers to set goals, keep good records and include lots of pictures.  After evaluating their record books, she took time to explain to the youth how to improve recordkeeping skills.

For four years, she served on the Boone County 4-H Youth Committee and evaluated support materials for county awards.  During that time she also helped interview 4-H’ers from the Central Iowa Area applying for State 4-H Council.
Shelly served as the Boone County Fair 4-H Family and Consumer Science Superintendent for ten years.  As a superintendent, Shelly helped plan judging day and worked closely with judges, volunteers, leaders, parents, and members to make the judging process run smoothly and be a positive experience for youth.  Even on the hot, humid days of July, she always kept her cool and had a smile!

Shelly is active in her church and farms with her husband, Dan, near Ogden, Iowa.


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2011 Bremer County - Randy & Dawn Bergmann

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:18 PM

2011 Bremer CountyThis year’s choice for Bremer County regarding the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame is a married couple that has impacted adults and youth throughout the Bremer County 4-H program. Randy and Dawn Bergmann have been an influential volunteers that can always be relied on to lend a helping hand, great advice, and a will to pitch in and help when needed.

This couple started out their 4-H story with Dawn in the N.R.G. then Do –R –Best Clubs and Randy in the Townline Cowboys club. They since have grown to be great volunteers for the community, whether it be working in Snak Shak, volunteering as a superintendent, or organizing a great club program for Townline 4-H Club for fifteen years. They also extended their talents to State Fair Superintendent, Clover Kid Superintendent, and Rabbit Superintendent. This couple has been influential and irreplaceable when it comes to helping at fair, treading new waters into new developments for 4-H, and being flexible and helping the program grow.

Randy and Dawn are also very active in their church and volunteerism. Before becoming leaders, they were Luther League Sponsors at St. John Lutheran Church Western Douglas for thirteen years. This type of volunteering, whether it be church or 4-H, is a family involvement--helping their kids with 4-H projects (1990-2005) or family members at the Bremer County Cattlemen’s Shelter.  The Bergmann family can be found working together!

The support this couple gives to the program is fantastic and the quality of volunteerism cannot be unnoticed. Bremer County is proud to present Randy and Dawn for the 2011 Iowa Hall of Fame.

2011 Buchanan County - Dr. Don Dutler

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:17 PM

2011 Buchanan CountyDr. Don Dutler has been a veterinarian at the Winthrop Veterinary Clinic since 1973. During his time with the vet clinic Don volunteered to help with many aspects of the Buchanan County Fair livestock program. He has organized fellow veterinarians to assist with animal inspections, coordinated the transportation of swine from the fairgrounds to the packing plant, and offered advice on matters relating to the health and safety of the animals at the fair. Dr. Dutler has been very active with the swine program for many years by helping at the weigh-ins, furnishing cleaning supplies, and making sure the exhibitors are ready to go in the show ring. He has been proactive by keeping up to date on possible diseases and informing the Extension Office staff of any concerns that need to be addressed to prevent the spread of a disease. Don makes sure the livestock program at the Buchanan County Fair is safe and enjoyable for all of the participants, volunteers, and spectators.

In addition to volunteering with the 4-H program, Dr. Dutler is active in the community. He volunteers and assists with various events to help others who might be having a hard time. A recent example was a benefit for one of the 4-H families where the dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While Don’s wife was the one who organized the details of the benefit, he was very supportive and assisted on the day of the benefit. The family was grateful for the excellent turn out and it couldn’t have been done without the volunteers and supporters that took part before, during, and after the event.

A Buchanan County 4-H member, had this to say about Dr. Dutler: “There aren’t many people who want to volunteer for as many years as Doc has. He still enjoys it and wants to make a difference for the kids in our county.”


2011 Buena Vista County - Kent & Cindy Smith

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 2:16 PM

2011 Buena Vista CountyThis year’s Buena Vista Hall of Fame honorees are Kent and Cindy Smith. Kent has been an outstanding leader of the 4- H Executive Committee, helping to shape the Buena Vista County 4-H program to what it has become today. He was instrumental in starting the county livestock judging team again which competed at many county fairs, state expos and competitions.  

The team was fortunate enough to also compete at the national level.  Kent is a member of the Buena Vista County 4-H Endowment committee. Cindy and Kent are leaders of the largest club in the county.  Cindy has organized the club’s annual service project of planting flowers at Faith, Hope and Charity as well as coordinating various other service and recreation opportunities for club members. 

She also organizes and prepares meeting materials and communication for the club members and their families.  Both Kent and Cindy are strong advocates of the life-long benefits for youth involvement in 4-H.

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