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Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

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2022 Warren County Kay Spear

Posted on 08/22/2022 at 12:28 PM
Kay started her 4-H career back in 1967. As most farm kids found, 4-H aligned with their upbringing and a natural step to continue their growth. Kay was a member of two 4-H clubs, one boy’ and one girls’ because back then, in order to show livestock, a girl could...

2021 Warren County Dick Wittry

Posted on 08/23/2021 at 5:34 PM
Dick Wittry was first introduced to 4-H at a young age while living on his family farm near Mt. Carmel, Iowa. Due to being one of ten kids and moving to town in 6th grade, Dick did not have the typical 4-H journey and did not become involved in 4-H...

2020 Warren County: Susan Matlage-Simms

Posted on 08/23/2020 at 12:00 PM
Susan Matlage-Simms grew up on a farm just outside of St. Marys, Iowa. Her father died when she was very young so the small cow herd and show calves were the total care and responsibility of herself and her siblings. She showed cattle at the Warren County Fair, Iowa State...
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2019 Warren County: Kathy McCoy

Posted on 08/19/2019 at 2:25 PM
Kathy (McCormick) McCoy grew up in Warren County where she was a 9 year 4-H member. Her roles on the county and state levels have been crucial to Warren County and Iowa 4-H success. Kathy is married to Tim McCoy and has 4 children who are in or have been...
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2018 Warren County Gary Dittmer

Posted on 08/21/2018 at 2:48 PM
Gary Dittmer was involved in 4-H for most of his life. He was a Warren County 4-Her for 10 years as a member of the Whitebreast Warriors 4-H Club which later became known as the Whitebreast 4-H Club. Gary was involved in market pigs, market beef, welding, and woodworking. His...
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2017 Warren County: Marie Henry

Posted on 08/28/2017 at 9:26 AM
Marie Henry’s passion for 4-H began as a young member of the Belmont Peppers 4-H club. That passion has not abated. Marie, her husband, Keith, and their four children; Lexie, Allison, Megan, and Jordan have all been and are currently involved in 4-H. It has kept both parents on the...

2016 Warren County Liz and Terry Davis

Posted on 08/26/2016 at 9:51 AM
Terry and Liz Davis have been active in the 4-H community for many years. Growing up, Liz was a member of the Belmont Peppers 4-H Club. Terry and Liz started the Belmont Badgers 4-H club in 1995. Liz remained a club leader until 2005. Both Terry and Liz were involved...

2015 Warren County- Joy Rouse

Posted on 08/24/2015 at 4:24 PM
Joy Rouse lives in Indianola, Iowa. Joy was the Warren County Extension Director for many years. She had the knowledge and history to answer questions, find information, and make sure tasks were being completed. One 4-H volunteer commented that, “For as long as I can remember, Warren County 4-H meant Joy...

2014 Warren County - Jason and Kim DeLay

Posted on 08/18/2014 at 10:36 AM
Jason and Kim DeLay live in Milo and have become very involved in the 4-H program. When asked why they volunteer Kim responded, “We volunteer for 4-H because it is a great program. 4-H teaches kids lifelong skills and responsibility. It has helped me become the person I am today.” Kim...

2013 Warren County - Monty Freeman

Posted on 08/09/2013 at 9:06 AM
Monty Freeman of Warren County was a member of the Belmont Go-Getters 4-H Club from age 9 until he graduated from high school in 1976. During that time he showed Charolais cattle raised on his family farm, as well as sheep, at the county and state fair. He participated in...

2012 Warren County- Kevin & Jane Putney

Posted on 07/24/2012 at 11:07 AM
Kevin Putney joined the White Oak Climbers 4-H Club when he was 10 years old. He was actively involved in 4-H through high school. After high school he helped with Senior 4-H where he met Jane. Jane Putney was also in 4-H growing up and graduated from Iowa State University....

2011 Warren County - Wanda Hunter

Posted on 08/19/2011 at 11:53 AM
If you have ever visited the 4-H Exhibit Building at the Iowa State Fair in the evenings then you have probably been greeted by Wanda Hunter of Warren County. She has been a wonderful volunteer who served as one of the evening building hosts for over 45 years. As well...

2010 Warren County - Charlotte Mosher

Posted on 04/21/2011 at 11:24 AM
Charlotte Mosher was born and raised in Indianola, IA. Charlotte and her husband Jay Mosher have been married for 52 years, and have been blessed with five children: Jayne (Mark) Sherwood, Janna (Mark) Putz, Jeanet (Scott) Crowell, Joel (Beth) Mosher and Jon (Karen) Mosher and 16 grandchildren. All five of...

2009 Warren County - Donna Sereg

Posted on 04/19/2011 at 12:13 PM
Donna Sereg has taught and been involved in 4-H activities for over twenty years. She is a true example of dedication to the community and its youth. Building character and being involved with young adults has been her goal and her vision. Mrs. Sereg was a 4-H leader for 15...

2008 Warren County - John Keeney

Posted on 04/15/2011 at 11:12 AM
John Keeney’s 8 year 4-H career started his connection with the 4-H program. He and his wife Janet also helped their daughters Melissa and Anna Marie with their livestock projects through their years in 4-H. John has served as a fairboard director and superintendent for over 30 years. As a...

2005 Warren County - Neva McCormick

Posted on 03/31/2011 at 1:31 PM
Neva McCormick has been active in Iowa 4-H for close to 30 years. She began as many volunteers do, a parent of 9 year old whose club needed help. Her oldest son, Chris, joined and then 2 years later her daughter, Kathy followed. Neva was always willing to host the...

2002 Warren County - Clarence Moffitt

Posted on 03/24/2011 at 3:10 PM
Clarence Moffitt was a charter member of the Be-Square 4-H Club formed in January 1932. He previously belonged to the Purebred Beef Heifer Club. As a 4-H’er he participated in State Fair six years, Boys Short Course three years, National Club Congress five years. He also served as a county...
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