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Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

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2022 Tama County E.P. & Donna Willey

Posted on 08/22/2022 at 12:24 PM
Mrs. E.P. Willey, more universally known as Donna, and to many of her 4-H girls as “Aunt Donna”, began as a 4-H member for 11 years. The Chelsea Challengers 4-H Club was founded in 1948, and in the fall of 1949, just a few months after her marriage to E.P....
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2021 Tama County Judy Morrison

Posted on 08/23/2021 at 5:00 PM
Judy was not a 4-H member herself, although 4-H is in her blood. Her father’s aunt, Olive Lyons, was the teacher at the country school near Clarion where the 4-H emblem was born. Judy’s father was a club leader for many years. All three of her older siblings were in...
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2020 Tama County: Jim & Jeanne Beenken

Posted on 08/23/2020 at 12:00 PM
For Jim and Jeanne Beenken, there is much more to a County Fair than just the six days that animals and members are on the grounds, which is why Tama County has selected them as their 2020 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame inductees. Few see the amount of background work...
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2019 Tama County: Dale and Connie Whaley

Posted on 08/19/2019 at 2:20 PM
Who do you call when you need something fixed on the fairgrounds, when you need a woodworking workshop, you need record books judged, a plate of cookies, or you need the overall support of 4-H and more? The people to call in Tama County are long time volunteers, Dale and...
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2018 Tama County: Paulette Wobeter

Posted on 08/21/2018 at 3:00 PM
Combining a love for 4-H, young people, communications, photography and record books, you have Tama Counties 2018 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame inductee, Paulette Wobeter. Paulette was a leader of the Toledo Techs 4-H Club for nearly 15 years. During her time as a leader, she had a very large,...
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2017 Tama County: Margaret Thomsen

Posted on 08/28/2017 at 9:31 AM
The Tama County 4-H Program is proud to honor Margaret Thomsen as their 2017 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame inductee. Prior to being a leader, Margaret Thomsen opened her home to have meetings and workshops. Her daughter Ann remembers making cinnamon and applesauce ornaments before Christmas when she was in 4-H....
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2016 Tama County Kenneth and Barbara Strohbehn

Posted on 08/26/2016 at 9:40 AM
Kenneth and Barbara Strohbehn are life-long residents of Tama County. Ken, the sixth of seven siblings, was raised near Dinsdale. Barb and her brother grew up near Buckingham. Following his college graduation Ken worked in Waterloo for Tractor Supply Company. He noticed Barbara walking past the store on her way...
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2015 Tama County- Ann McMullin

Posted on 08/24/2015 at 4:00 PM
Ann McMullin began what has become a lifelong association with and dedication to 4-H and Iowa State University Extension while growing up on the family dairy farm. At age 10 she joined both a girls club and 4-H boys club. During the next decade, she completed many home economics and...
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2013 Tama County - Keith and Carol Earles

Posted on 08/09/2013 at 8:41 AM
Keith and Carol Earles have been active fair volunteers and supporters of 4-H youth in Tama County. Keith’s work as a volunteer, club leader, superintendent, and fair board member spanned more than 20 years. Carol worked by his side to support his efforts at the local and county level. The...
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2012 Tama County- Bernard Dostal

Posted on 07/19/2012 at 9:07 AM
The late Bernard R. Dostal’s lifelong commitment to Tama County 4-H programs began when he enrolled in his local 4-H Club as a ten year old. During the next decade of his ten year membership he completed dairy and purebred litter projects, participated in a wide variety of activities, and...
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2011 Tama County - Pat Oettchen

Posted on 08/19/2011 at 12:13 PM
Pat Oettchen, from Gladbrook in Tama County has been involved in 4-H for fifty plus years in a variety of ways. Pat started 4-H in fourth grade, completing many sewing and cooking projects. She takes pride in her award-winning demonstrations presented at the National Cattle Congress and Iowa State Fair....
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2010 Tama County - Marilyn Thoms

Posted on 04/21/2011 at 11:36 AM
Marilyn Thoms from Gladbrook in tama County, became involved in 4-H when her children were 4-H members and she has been involved ever since. Her daughter’s local club needed a leader and Marilyn volunteered to be co-leader and she was a leader for 20 plus years. While still a 4-H...
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2009 Tama County - Jackie Skala

Posted on 04/19/2011 at 12:37 PM
Jackie Skala has been involved with 4-H since 1987. For five years, she served as an assistant leader for the Toledo Techs 4-H Club and as a representative to the county youth committee. In 1992, she became the Tama County Youth Coordinator and retired from that position at the end...
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2008 Tama County - Connie Mattingly

Posted on 04/15/2011 at 11:25 AM
Connie’s commitment to 4-H began while she was still a 4-H member. Her club leader quit during the year and Connie took the responsibility for the club until another adult leader could be found. Unmarried, with no children of her own, 4-H members have been and continue to be “her...
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2007 Tama County - Helen Volline Marie Boldt

Posted on 04/07/2011 at 11:21 AM
Helen Boldt served as a volunteer 4-H leader in Tama County for over 40 years. This included four years as a local volunteer leader, 20 years as a Tama County Girls’ 4H Committee member and 22 years as a member of the Tama County Fair Association. She also served as...
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2006 Tama County - Patricia Kadrmas

Posted on 04/05/2011 at 12:32 PM
Pat was a volunteer for over 25 years in Tama county. She presented school enrichment programs on conservation, taught recordkeeping to many youth, organized the county recognition program for a number of years, including recruiting evaluation volunteers, she did orientations and completed necessary paperwork . Her county award work led...
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2004 Tama County - Pauline Flamme

Posted on 03/31/2011 at 10:51 AM
Pauline Flamme started her years in 4-H in the Gladbrook Loyal Lassies in 1946. She helped organize this club and was its first president. This experience started her toward a career in Home Economics at then Iowa State College where she majored in Home Economics Education and Textiles & Clothing....
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2003 Tama County - G. Gress Rogers

Posted on 03/29/2011 at 11:35 AM
G. Gress Rogers was born and grew up on a farm in East Pottawattamie County. As a farm youth he was active in 4-H and other activities. He graduated from Iowa State University in December 1939 and took a job as youth assistant in Des Moines County. Shortly thereafter, he...
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2002 Tama County - Dick Bruene

Posted on 03/24/2011 at 3:02 PM
Dick Bruene is a former 4-H member, past leader of the Wolfcreek Whirlwinds, former committee member and a member of the Friends of Extension Committee. Dick was instrumental in raising the money for a new show ring in 1993 when the old building collapsed from a heavy snow load in...
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