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Foundation Celebrates National 4-H Week


Monday: Head

·         The foundation will be displaying a 4-H History Table for guests of the 4-H Youth and Extension building on Iowa State University’s campus.

·         Trivia questions and facts on the foundation’s Facebook and Twitter.                


Tuesday: Heart

·         A “What 4-H Means to Me” board to see how 4-H has impacted the staff at the state office.   

·         The Iowa 4-H Foundation will be releasing recently added county histories on their website.


Wednesday: Health

·         The foundation staff will be joining the Healthiest State Initiative’s Healthiest State Walk at Iowa State University at noon participating in the North Loop. 

·         Staff will be bringing healthy GREEN Snacks such as green apples, broccoli, and sugar snap peas.


Thursday: Hands

The foundation will be donating items to the Rosedale Shelter in Ames, which is sponsored by the Youth and Shelter Services, Inc.                                                                                                                                                  


Friday: 4-H Green Day

Volunteers and Staff will be showing off 4-H pride by wearing green to work!

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