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Iowa 4-H Alumni


We would like to thank you for all you have done and continue to do in support of the Iowa 4-H Program. We know you have a special affinity for life-long learning. You appreciate goals set and goals met. You recognize how the communication, leadership and teamwork skills that were nurtured through 4-H experiences have contributed to your success as adults. This is why the 4-H Program needs YOU!

The stories shared by former 4-H'ers are a rich statement of our heritage and an abundant source of humor in some family circles. When retold, they give our children an important view of how we came to be who we are today. Share your 4-H Story!

There are many 4-H stories yet to unfold for the next generation, and supporting the Iowa 4-H Foundation assures that there will be plenty of exciting things for them to talk about. As you seek ways to influence the future, invest in youth. The more you learn about 4-H today, the more you will recognize how your investment works for the good of our Iowa families and communities.

Join the hundreds of 4-H alumni who are enthusiastic about their role in continuing the impressive tradition of the 4-H Youth Movement. Give generously and you'll once again feel that sense of accomplishment of being part of 4-H in a very tangible and important way. Make Your Commitment to 4-H!

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