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Summer 4-H Camp Assistance



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How to Apply

The following guidelines have been established for applying for financial assistance to attend a day or residential camp at Clover Woods Camp & Retreat Center only.  For all other requests (including county or regional camps hosted at Clover Woods), please use the 4-H Event Financial Assistance application form. 

1. Any youth who are potential participants in Iowa State University Extension youth programs, or programs recognized by the State 4-H Youth Development office are eligible.  Young people do not have to be a 4-H club member to receive financial assistance.

2. Participants should ideally bear some portion of the activity cost.  At minimum, families must pay the registration deposit.  It has been our experience that those who pay a portion of the cost to participate in an event do so with a more positive attitude.  It is further expected that local or county groups will also provide some assistance if possible.

3. The Iowa 4-H Foundation has a limited amount of funding available for financial assistance.  These funds will be distributed among as many different individuals as feasible.  Therefore, individuals requesting assistance for a second opportunity will not receive as high a priority as someone who has not previously received assistance.

4. The 4-H Camp Financial Assistance Application for Youth Form is due by April 25 to ISU County Extension Offices and to the Iowa 4-H Foundation postmarked no later than April 30.  Applications that are incomplete or received after the deadline will NOT be considered for assistance.  Use a separate application for EACH applicant.

5. The application requires two statements.  One from the camper telling us why they want to attend 4-H camp.  (This should be written by the camper, or dictated to an adult if assistance is necessary.)  The second from a parent/guardian, 4-H leader, or Extension staff member explaining the financial circumstance of the family and any other relevant information.  No funding will be provided without these statements.  The statements can be attached on a single, separate page (one side only) or written/printed on the back of the application form.

6. Important:  This application form is for financial aid only.  Receiving financial assistance does not register your youth for camp.  Camp registration forms are available through your ISU County Extension Office or on the Iowa 4-H Camping site.  Your camp deposit and registration form must be sent directly to the Iowa 4-H Center according to their instructions.

7. Financial assistance from the Iowa 4-H Foundation will be deducted from your camp registration balance.

Apply for Iowa 4-H Camp Financial Assistance:

Application.doc        Application.rtf        Application.pdf


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