Foundation Board of Trustees - Iowa 4-H Foundation

Foundation Board of Trustees

The Iowa 4-H Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of trustees who provide leadership and oversight to fundraising in support of their mission of providing resources for youth development through 4-H. Trustees attend quarterly meetings focusing on the fiscal position of 4-H and serve on a variety of committees, helping with fundraising events, strategic partnerships and relationships, and individual and corporate fundraising.

Dave Huser, President
David Bolte, Vice President
Julie McGonegle, President Elect
Vicki Heiller, Past President

Jeff Anderson
John Chism
Hope Cramm
Erin Cumings
Stephanie Erpelding
Mike Fay
Kelli Gallagher
Bethany Gorsch
Sandy Greiner
Liliana Hill, Youth
Tim Kapucian
Dr. John Lawrence
Don McDowell
Alissa McKinney
Jeff Murphy
Dr. Debra Nistler
Cozette Rosburg
Aneisha Sritharan, Youth
Lynette Telleen
Don Timmins
Tom Venner

Curious who has led the Board in previous year? Past board presidents

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