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4-H has been around for over 100 years.  4-H was established in Sac County in the 1920's.  Ralph W. Held was the County Agent in 1929, per the Annual Report for 1929-30.
Sac County 4-H staff and clubs offered many annual events for 4-H members and families.  Some programs included Awards Ceremony, Skating parties, Mother-Daughter Teas, and Square Dances.  The current 4-H Building located on the Sac County Fairgrounds was the roller skating rink where the annual skating parties were held.  
A Mother-Daughter Tea was held for many years. All members in the girls’ 4-H clubs, their mothers, and leaders were invited to attend. This county wide event had over 250 in attendance for many years.  During the 1957-58 year, there were over 400 mothers and daughters in attendance.  
In 1952, Sherry Peyton of Sac County was elected the new state president of the Iowa 4-H girls.  From the minutes of the 1951-52 Coon Valley Cardinals scrapbook, the following appeared:
“On Rally Day, the county committee chairman announced that Sherry Peyton had been chosen from the Sac County 4-H girls to run for State office at the Ames Convention.  So everyone got to work and using an “Indian” theme made head bands, posters and yells for the campaign.  On Thursday, June 14, all but one of the Coon Valley Cardinals, along with the leaders, journeyed to Ames to help campaign. Everyone enjoyed dressing up like Indians, doing Indian yells and dances, but the real thrill came when Sherry was elected State President. There wasn’t a happier bunch of girls than the Coon Valley Cardinals.  Every girl could truly feel that she had taken an active part in helping to get Sherry elected.  We all know that Sherry will do a grand job in serving the State.”
In 1954, the First 4-H Nutrition Training School was held in Sac County.  The program covered preparation of adequate breakfasts with efficiency and the serving of the morning meal.  There was also discussion of what constitutes good nutrition.  Club members and leaders who attended were asked to take the information they learned and present it to other club members.
Other interesting facts about Sac County include in 1941 there were 206 members in 9 clubs, in 1950 there were 264 members in 12 boys’ clubs and 12 girls’ club, in 1968 there were 16 boys’ clubs and 13 girls clubs, and in 1980 there were 20 4-H clubs with a total of 252 members.  During the 1951-52 4-H year, the 4-H clubs did demonstrations on home furnishings, folk dances and skits, picture studies, and musical demonstrations.  The boys’ 4-H program emphasized tractor maintenance and the girls’ 4-H program studied nutrition.  In 1968 the annual Make it with Wool contest was held in Denison, with 15 Sac County girls in attendance.
The most recent accomplishments for the Sac County 4-H program is the Sac County 4-H Endowment.  The Endowment was established in 2003 with the retirement of Roger Jensen, CEED.  The endowment started out small, with about $1000 and a handful of committed volunteers.  The endowment now has 12 committee members and has far exceeded the original goal of $25,000 in 2005 and for 2013 their account remains over $50,000. The Endowment every year gives out $1,000 to Sac County 4-H club projects, pays $10 per member for program development fees, provides $250 in scholarships to attend out of county events, and just started providing 3-$100 Senior 4-H Awards. 
In 2005 Sac County 4-H member, Kevin Peyton, initiated the Sac County Barn Quilt Project with a goal of constructing 55 barn quilts in Sac County implementing local 4-H clubs to paint the quilts and Sac County REC donating their equipment to hang the Barn Quilts. Later on Kevin’s sister, Amy Peyton, wrote The Barn Quilts of Sac County book that features all 55 barns, the history of the barn as well as the history of the quilt pattern and the artist that painted the quilt.  
The Sac County 4-H Council plays a vital role in planning out the County Junior Lock-In with having as many as 75 participants attend this fun filled evening of swimming, building a wood project, sewing, learning about food and nutrition, and many more activities. The council also plans the Leadership Camp for Intermediate and Senior 4-H members to attend by visiting the 4-H Camp in Madrid and participating in lots of leadership activities. They also are responsible for planning the Awards Event in Sac County by implementing games to get everyone in attendance involved. To raise money the Council also plans fundraisers that happen during the fair. 
Clover Kids has evolved from a Saturday program to a once a month after school program in Wall Lake, Odebolt, Schaller, and Sac City. Clover Kids has grown to over 70 participants. During the two hour program the participants make their own snack, complete a craft activity that they can exhibit at the fair, have fun with a science experiment, and play games. The goal of Clover Kids is to expose the participants with what 4-H is about. 
In 2013 there are 9 Sac County 4-H clubs which include: Early Achievers, Innovative Pioneers, Jacksons, Nemaha 4-H, OA Showmen/Richland Robins, Sac County Horseshoes, Sac Green Team, Schaller Shamrocks, and Wall Lake Bandits/Viola Visions. Due to some phenomenal 4-H leaders and 4-H parents Sac County has been rich in its legacy to participate in the State 4-H Recognition Event and have come out strong in awards received, State 4-H Council positions held, and many trips earned to Georgia and Washington DC for National 4-H Congress and National 4-H Conference. 

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My wife then Kathleen Hoskins had the 4-H Grand Champion Steer back in I believe 1958. Do You have a list of the Grand Champions back in the 50's
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