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As we look back in time to the history of Carroll County 4-H, we are amazed at the similarities that existed in the 1900's and now.  In May, 1925, Mrs. Barker, Assistant State Leader, organized four 4-H clubs in Carroll County.  Clothing was their project with appropriate underwear as the main theme.  Clubs struggled to stay alive.  All the original four 4-H clubs died out except the U-Go-I-Go Club in Union township.  It wasn’t until 1927 that another club was established and it formed under the name of Lucky Clover in the town of Glidden.  After that, 4-H began to take off.  By 1931 there were 12 clubs that had formed throughout Carroll County.  By 1936 there were 225 members and parents involved in 4-H.  

There were times that 4-H flourished through the county and there were times that it fell apart. The 1940's led the way for 14 4-H clubs in Carroll.  Some of the club names included Maple River Top Notchers, Manning Cadets, Breda Happy Helpers, Glidden True Blues, Little Coons, Union Cubs, Rose Valley Ramblers, Manning Clovers, Dedham Lucky Larks, Grant Patriotic Workers, and the Willey Wheelers. The only club that still lives on under the same name is the Manning Cadets.  Others have changed names and hands, of course. 1966 was the year that appeared to have the most members with 18 active clubs, 360 members (all of which were female), and 48 4-H leaders. You could say that 4-H in Carroll County has its ups and downs in numbers.  For the last 10 years we have had anywhere from 130 active members to 260 active members.  In 2006 we had 11 4-H clubs with 152 members and 29 organizational leaders along with one special interest club.  

Currently, in 2013, we have 10 community clubs: Arcadia Energetics, Breda All Stars, Carroll Champs, Carroll Clovers, Coon Rapids Shamrocks/Adventurers, Dedham Go-Getters, Halbur Community, Halbur Lads and Lassies, Manning Win or Grin, and the Richland Hot Shots.  We have two special interest clubs: Outdoor Adventures which focuses on the outdoors, nature and the environment and our Back to Basics club focused on sewing and cooking. Our current membership is over 170 4-H Members and 38 adult volunteers.  Our program has seen a lot of growth in the area of Cloverkids, those youth who are in Kindergarden-3rd grade.  These youth work together in a non-competitive manner and they are eligible to bring static projects to the fair for a participation ribbon only.  Third grade members are also able to bring a bucket bottle calf or a rabbit to the fair.    

4-H Activities Past and Present

It seems as though 4-H activities and gatherings really haven’t changed much over the years in Carroll County.  In the past, 4-H clubs held annual events just as we do now.  Some of the annual events that were held in the past include an annual health Clinics, where Carroll County 4-H girls received health examinations by doctors and dentists at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Carroll. County officers, leaders, and committee women always assisted with the clinic.  They also hosted an annual officers training school.  They would often go to a school and hold a session where they explained officer’s duties to the officers of each of the clubs in the county.  A recreation period always followed along with a lunch.  Rally Day was always held in May.  During Rally Day all the 4-H members came together in a central location and would campaign and elect new officers for the clubs.  A majority of the county would show up for this Rally Day.

Events and activities that have been held in the past and present are as follows:  In October, there has always been some kind of kick-off party or some type of 4-H recruitment during the National 4-H week.  Also, there has always been a 4-H banquet in November to honor and recognize 4-H achievements, record books, years in 4-H and 4-H projects.  In the past they had something called an Achievement Show in July and today we call it the Carroll County 4-H Static Exhibits at the fair.  This was and still is the time where 4-H members bring their finished projects and do demonstrations for different project areas they are interested in.  State Convention or State Youth Conference has also always been a tradition for the youth in Carroll.  Today, we do a lot of different partnering with schools, ag professionals, businesses and individuals in the community to develop wonderful programs to reach youth in Carroll County.  We want the youth of Carroll to be more aware of 4-H and what it has to offer to them as individuals and their future.  

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4-H is a good place to grow up learning new techniques on showing your animals.
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